Boardworks What's Your Move in Outdoor Magazine


Stand up paddle is still such a new sport that Boardworks thought it would be really fun to create a venue for people to share what they are doing so that everyone can be entertained and inspired to try new tricks.  Get your moves in as soon as possible because the first place prize will be a new Mini Mod sup board (any size) and Kelvar paddle.

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Treasured Collection of SUP by Supconnect Live


Last week just before the Battle of the Paddle "Supconnect Live" (a live stand up paddle webcast) was able to bring many of the best stand up paddlers in the world to the Supconnect Headquarters for great conversations and insight.  Now you can watch this treasured collection over and over again!

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Watch Boardworks Surf Rule the SmallWATER


Boardworks Surf knows fun and how to SUP on all types of bodies of water, including smallWATER.  Watch the video of these moves and you'll be smiling all day!

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Boardworks Surf Launches 2012 What's Your Move?


Boardworks Surf is fired up to announce the launch of this years "What's Your Move?" contest.  It is once again time to show your latest SUP moves and enter the fun to win great Boardworks prizes.

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Battle of the Paddle Champions Talk Today


The Wake Up SUP Show is fired up and preparing the stage today for the ever impressive Connor Baxter.  It is going to be quite a conversation as the 2011 Battle of the Paddle Champions, Connor and Candice, discuss their thoughts about the 2012 BOP as it is only days away.

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