Paddleboarder Attempts To Save Man From Shark Attack



BYRON BAY, NSW, Australia - Paddleboarder Mark Hickey was on vacation in Byron Bay, Australia and experienced something he won’t ever forget for the remainder of his life.


While preparing to go out for a morning paddle, Mike Hickey noticed blood in the water accompanied by a large black-finned shark, thought to a great white, attacking a man. Hickey put his own life at risk and entered the water to attempt to save the man who had been attacked.


“I just thought he may still be alive and I wanted to get him onto the shore,” Hickey said of his reasons why to enter the water. Sadly, at the time of the attack, the victim’s wife watched her husband from the shore, where she helplessly watched the incident occur.


To read the full story click hereTo get an account of what happened, watch the video above where the witness tells his story.



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