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SAN DIEGO, California - Sports throughout the world bring people together to enjoy a day at the field, in the gym, or on the waters edge only to have everyone leave and say goodbye immediately after the last race, inning or when time runs out. ·But wait, have you ever noticed that SUP is different?


In the stand up paddle world, a typical event will start early in the morning and run through the afternoon sometimes as late as 4, 5 or 6 pm.  However, unlike the traditional sports world, very often the festivities begin the day before and run late into the following night. ·Because of this, SUP has created a tradition of providing events where people truly have a chance to meet, mingle and feel a part of the group.


Take for example 3 great events taking place this weekend which were outlined in the article "Major SUP Events Span the World This Weekend".  They are the Paddle for Humanity in California, the Carolina Cup and the Stand Up World Tour in France. ·Interestingly each of these events has a well planned schedule and each one of them includes plans not only for the races and events but also for at least two parties (a pre-party and an after-party). ·While some may say that this is just an excuse to have a good time, there may actually be more to the story.


The main reason behind these gatherings, where arms are wide open for everyone, lies in the spirit of Ohana. ·Much of the stand up paddle sport really grew wings and took off by those who were doing the sport in Hawaii. ·Ohana is actually a Hawaiian word that literally means family but has grown into a term meaning family in an open sense including those related by blood and those adopted into the group. It emphasizes that family are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another. ·As SUP expanded beyond the shores of Hawaii, it also carried over the Ohana tradition and culture.


It is because of the spirit of Ohana that SUP has a different feel from main stream sports. ·Those who are lucky enough to be joining this growing industry are equally as lucky to be adopted into the Ohana being created. ·So as the events take place today, tomorrow, next month and in the years to come, let us remember the history and roots of the sport and enjoy being a part of and sharing in the Ohana.


Have you noticed the Ohana in SUP?

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