NSP's New 2023 Ninja Lineup Includes Two Junior Pro Models

NSP Ninja 2023. Photo courtesy NSP. NSP Ninja 2023.

SAN DIEGO, CA—The 2023 iteration of the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon has just been released by NSP. Immediate stand-out changes are the additional two 12'6" Junior versions of the existing Ninja, along with some refinements to the existing Ninja line-up. But let's see the dimensions first:

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight (Approx)
12'6" 20" Flat deck 209 Liters 8.95kg
12'6" 22" Flat deck 226 Liters 8.95kg
14'0" 20" Recessed deck 247 Liters 11.34kg EST
14'0" 21" Recessed deck 253 Liters 11.54kg EST
14'0" 22" Recessed deck 264 Liters 11.98kg EST
14'0" 23" Recessed deck 272 Liters 12.17kg EST
14'0" 24" Recessed deck 279 Liters 12.47kg EST

NSP Ninja 2023Photo via NSP

NINJA 12'6" Junior Pro Model

According to NSP, the rapid growth of the Junior Racing Class spurred NSP’s racing team to develop a shape allowing lighter riders to take full advantage of their weight. Starting with the proven DNA of the 14’ Ninja, the development team focused on the core principles of speed and versatility, recreating a 12’6” version of the original.

Coaches recommend that athletes between 30 and 50kg compete on the 12’6” Junior Pro Models for the best possible performance.

NSP Ninja 2023Photo via Euro Tour

2023 Design

  • Optimized 12'6" shapes for lightweight athletes
  • Recessed deck on all 14' boards for a lower center of gravity, adding stability
  • Reduced outside walls at the tail to create a flatter area and be more usable and stable during buoy turns
  • Accelerated Vacuum System (AVS) for quick water drainage on all dugouts
  • Full length nose, maximizing the waterline and allowing higher consistent speed

NSP Ninja 2023Photo via Euro Tour

A word on versatility

NSP tells us the original Ninja started out as a purebred flat-water racer but evolved into a versatile racer that will hold up in mild sea conditions.

Over the 2022 season, Team NSP won numerous canal- and on-shore races on the Ninja, but the standout win of Titouan Puyo at Ardeche was on another level. He secured his overall EuroTour title there, but Ardeche is a downstream event, with mandatory helmets and white-water rapids. A true testament to the versatility of the Ninja shape outside flat water.

NSP Ninja 2023Photo via Euro Tour


All Ninjas come with the in-house designed 22 Race fins by NSP, except the widest 24” version, which features the 24” fin. The 2023 is also supplied with three neoprene handles, and all Ninjas also come with three handles, two short ones and one longer one.

If you are in the market for a high-performance full-carbon flat-water racer, contact your NSP dealer to talk about availability of the new 2023 Ninjas.

NSP Ninja 2023 NSP Ninja 2023

Photos via Euro Tour (left), NSP (right)

About NSP's Racing Division

Starting in 2013, NSP expanded its product range with a line of race boards and hit the proverbial ground running. Throughout the last ten years, NSP has produced some of the fastest SUP race boards on the planet, quickly racking up some of the most sought after and prestigious titles, with the help of national and international athletes.

Learn more about the Ninja on the NSP website HERE

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