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New Bonefish Cooler Takes SUP Fishing to the Next Level

Ready-made fishing cooler makes it a one trip to the water for SUP anglers. | All photos courtesy of Bonefish Cooler Ready-made fishing cooler makes it a one trip to the water for SUP anglers. | All photos courtesy of Bonefish Cooler

ATLANTA, Georgia - Debuting the second generation model of the all new Bonefish Cooler, the North Georgia-based Bonefish Cooler Co.’s innovative design allows standup paddle board (SUP) anglers to take only one trip to the water. Last year, the company launched in the market with their original cooler design, which gave SUP anglers a cooler and fishing tackle system that turned any SUP or kayak into the ultimate fishing skiff without breaking the bank. This spring the company has announced their newest version cooler, which has not only improved in design but now boasts a lighter weight and enhanced features making getting on the water that much easier.

“The new design for our Bonefish Cooler was engineered with the SUP angler in mind. The updated design keeps your gear secure, yet easily accessible while out on the water. It now takes ‘One Trip to the Water’ to go SUP fishing,” says Justin Taylor, Founder and President of Bonefish Cooler Co.

Bonefish Cooler Co.’s new design includes the main features that made the original cooler so sought-after; rod holders, tackle storage, a cup holder and bungee tie downs for gear. Added to improve the new model include a sports water bottle and two strong magnets strategically positioned on either side of the lid which can be used to secure hooks, lures and tools quickly. The biggest change from the original Bonefish Cooler is the single-hand carry handle and lighter weight. SUP Anglers can now hold their Bonefish Cooler in one hand and board and paddle in the other, truly making just one trip to the water before they can launch and catch fish.

bonefish cooler 4Single Hand Carry Handle allows you to transport rods, tackle, cooler contents & sports bottle in one hand.

New Features for Bonefish Cooler Co.

  • Single Hand Carry Handle allows you to transport rods, tackle, cooler contents & sports bottle in one hand
  • Two Rod Holders mounted to the rear of the cooler
  • Tackle Storage Container positioned for easy access
  • Two Strong Magnets for quick, secure storage of hooks, lures & tools
  • Sports Bottle & Holder which also holds canned drinks
  • Bungee Tie Down for storage of waterproof stowaway or other items (under lid)
  • Two Attachment Loops for personal customization
  • Only 6 Pounds in weight

The Bonefish Cooler Co. fishing cooler is available for sale via their website at bonefishcooler.com and at select retailers across the southeast. The standard cooler costs $169.99.

“The Bonefish Cooler comes ready for fishing without any additional customization. There are many coolers marketed for SUP use and even coolers that come with rod holders on them. When fishing from a SUP, it is important to have quick and easy access to gear when landing fish or changing tackle. The BFC is the only cooler marketed which stores your tackle and gives you a place to secure hooks, lures and tools. The price point for our cooler is also far below other coolers marketed for SUP use. To purchase and outfit the cooler currently most popular for SUP use with rod holders, a cup holder and tie downs, you will be spending well over $450. Our cooler includes rod holders, a cup holder with sports bottle, tackle storage, heavy strength magnets and bungees for storage. The cost for our cooler plus tie downs is under $200 and therefore far below half the cost the get out on the water and fish from your SUP,” says Taylor.

Unlike other coolers suited for a SUP, Bonefish Cooler Co. brings the single ready-made fishing cooler and tackle system to fishermen and SUP enthusiast alike. Bonefish Coolers are ideal for camping, rafting trips, kayak fishing and more. Bonefish Coolers are compatible with all SUP board designs and easily attaches to any SUP or kayak. The utilitarian and rugged design was created to enhance fishing and fun while on your SUP. Bonefish Coolers are on sale now, just in time for those warm weather fishing trips. Purchase Bonefish Coolers via the web at bonefishcoolerco.com and be on the lookout for Bonefish Cooler products at retailers near you.

About Bonefish Cooler Co.

Bonefish Cooler Co. takes standup paddle board (SUP) fishing to the next level with their innovative fishing cooler and tackle system. Bonefish Cooler Co. is the original in the ready-made fishing cooler and tackle system combo, making fishing from a SUP, kayak or any small vessel an ease. This inventive product combines all your fishing needs into one compact accessory and is compatible with fresh and salt water,. Bonefish Cooler Co. enhances the fishing experience for SUP fisherman and anglers across the board without breaking the bank. To purchase your fishing cooler or learn more about the product, log on to bonefishcooler.com or call 404-538-7960.

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