Naish Launches SUP Domestic Racer Program

Bernd Roediger, Kai Lenny & Kody Kerbox, Naish team riders. | Photo: Frankiebees Bernd Roediger, Kai Lenny & Kody Kerbox, Naish team riders. | Photo: Frankiebees

MAUI, Hawaii - If you’ve ever dreamed of joining the Naish Race Team, now’s your chance! Naish has just announced that they are launching a new stand up paddle domestic racer program. Basically, the program is aimed for ‘passionate paddlers and dedicated racers’ who want to step up their game in SUP racing and not have to break the bank while doing so. With this program Naish is offering the chance to receive special team pricing on their elite race boards, the Maliko and Javelin models as well as their Carbon Elite paddles.

These dedicated race shapes from Naish are built to plane quickly, glide like butter and maximize the power behind each stroke. Engineered for maximum efficiency, Naish Javelins and Malikos build and maintain momentum, combat turbulence, prevent fatigue and provide the most direct power transfer from stroke to stroke for prolonged endurance and maximum speed.

domestic race program naish pc RonnieKiaulehnCasper Steinfath and Kai Lenny riding the Naish Maliko and Javelin stand up paddle boards. | Photo: Ronnie Kiaulehn

If the above sounds right up your alley, participation is easy. Anyone is able to participate, all that is required is that you’re ready to take your racing to the next level. All you have to do is fill out the registration form on Naish’s website by January 1st, 2017 and you will be contacted by a sales rep in your territory.

To learn more about Naish’s Domestic SUP Racer Program, click HERE.

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