Steve West Joins Mistral As Brand Ambassador

WIERDEN, The Netherlands - In a recent press release, Mistral welcomed waterman, Steve West, to the team as their newest Mistral “Brand Ambassador’. This comes at the start of a big year for Mistral, who are forging ahead with renewed energy in the world of SUP, riding the momentum of their success in wind surfing. 

Words by Steve West and Mistral

“Mistral’s pedigree is unquestionably at the very top of the pile, a name etched into the Windsurfing history books as far back as 1976, a brand as innovative as it is evocative. To be sought out and asked to take on the role at “Mistral SUP International”, as “Brand Ambassador” is a privileged position, a position bringing with it a heavy responsibility.


Many famous names are associated with Mistral. To be entrusted to take an active role in the companies evolution into SUP sport, is not only a career highlight, but presents an opportunity to share the sum of the whole of my knowledge and experience accumulated over a lifetime involvement with Windsurfing and paddle sports on many differing levels around the globe.

Asked if I had any conflicts in taking on the role, it occurred to me, that the time was right to lend my name and support to a genuine lifestyle-brand without compromise, a brand I have always respected whole-heartedly, not only for its products, but in its relentless promotion and support of the coastal-lifestyle and aspirational ideals nurtured through imagery radiating vigour, colour, health, vitality and good times both on and off the water.

Mistral is a brand most comfortable when pioneering a new sport and in the case of SUP, they have being courageous enough to see the need to evolve a sport without limits and in doing so, are producing equipment with typical flair and attention to detail, while keeping the aspirational virtues of the sport, sexy, colourful and above all, a sport for all.

mistral-big-sup The "Mistral Big SUP" at Surf Expo, 2014 | Image: via Chris Koerner

Expect more adventures from Leleuvia Island Fiji later this year involving Mistral’s iSUPs and epic down-wind footage harnessing the Trade Winds of the Pacific, using the latest Mistral Open Ocean boards and we intend to feature plenty of Wind-SUP sessions, putting our Windsurfing skills to good use to inspire your imaginations. It’s going to be a great year and I look forward to taking an ever more active role in the pioneering process and in working closely with Mistral in this ever growing, dynamic sport.”

Mistral welcomes Steve West as Mistral “Brand Ambassador’ . Journeyman, ocean paddle sports athlete, photographer, writer, educationalist, Steve has dedicated a lifetime doing what most ocean sports enthusiasts dream of and in 2012 wrote what is considered the SUP Bible, the 500 page book, Stand Up Paddle – A Paddlers Guide.

He’s an authority on the Pacific-wide sport of Outrigger Canoeing, has crewed with some of the most famous paddle sports names, achieving two Moloka`i masters world title wins and a host of other accomplishments. He is author of two of the most definitive books on the subject of Outrigger Canoeing.

Taking to SUP in 2007, he’s since made a name for himself as one of a number of leading global authorities on the subject, writing the worlds first SUP course content for Downwind, Exposed Waters and SUP Water Safety for the Academy of Surfing Instructors International (ASI) and is in constant demand for the running of workshops. He is a regular contributor to SUPracer.com – a leading international race dedicated website..

He divides time between Europe and the resort island of Leleuvia Fiji, east of Australia, where he pursues his passion for down-winding fuelled by tropical trade winds, runs workshops, events, down-wind paddling adventures together with his wife Mandy and continues to write. 

About Mistral
The Mistral brand saw its first true success back in the mid 70s and throughout the 80’s and 90’s as the world’s primer windsurfing brand.  Mistral now focus’s 100% of it’s energy, experience and direction toward the growing SUP market. Known for its legacy of evolutionary product innovation and the development of new product technologies the Mistral brand continues to break down barriers by creating and producing some of the finest and most efficient SUP designs available on the market today.
Mistral SUP North America: 16131 Biscayne Blvd North Miami Beach, FL 33160
www.mistral.us.com • [email protected] • (305) 600-5705


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