Introducing the Paddle to the Moon Competition by Aquaplanet

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Aquaplanet is pleased to launch its Paddle to the Moon competition, which runs from January to June 2023. It’s a challenge that’s out of this world! It’s the perfect competition for all SUP enthusiasts to come together and try and reach 384.4 million meters! (the distance from Planet Earth to the Moon). Paddleboarding is a great sport in itself, imagine how it must feel to paddle to the moon, with the chance to win some great prizes too.

Specifically, the deadline to get to the Moon is 30th June 2023. 1 small paddle for paddlers, one giant paddle for mankind! Who knew competitions can be launched into outer space?

How can Paddle to the Moon benefit me?

The competition of course helps to bring together the SUP paddleboard community with the goal of reaching the Moon. As well as the healthy competition among paddlers (to win some of those fabulous prizes), the competition also has other benefits too, which can include:

  • Making friends
  • Boosting your mood
  • Fitness goals
  • Lose weight
  • Better sleep
  • A reason to paddle!
  • Goal-driven mindset
  • Improving your paddleboarding technique

These benefits are achievable due to paddling out on the water more often and improving your technique which will benefit you beyond the mission.

How do I paddle to the moon?

paddle to the moon image 1 m 2To enter Aquaplanet’s competition, you need to have a paddleboard (or you could borrow one!), and track your SUP progress, with a tracking app of your choice. From here, screenshot your progress and send it to Aquaplanet. Now, your distance will be contributed to the mission. You can sign up for your spot here.

Safety is key

Similar to what it would be like traveling in space, it’s important to stay safe out on the water. Especially if you are new to SUP paddleboarding, you may not fully know all the recommended safety precautions when paddling. Aquaplanet (in partnership with British Canoeing) have put together this useful guide to help you stay safe on the water.

What are the prizes?

There are multiple prizes to win by entering Paddle to the Moon. At the end of the mission, the paddler who has paddled the most is in for a chance of winning a £600 paddleboard of their choice. If you have only just started paddleboarding, after the mission you could be the lucky paddler with a new paddleboard! You need to travel at least 500m to qualify.

The competition also gives monthly prizes, which will be given out based on the top distance traveled every month.

We hope this has encouraged you to join the mission and Paddle to the Moon! To find out more, read here.

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