Funniest Stand Up Paddle Videos of 2012



SAN DIEGO, California - It has been said that "laughter is the best medicine," and it has also become fairly well known that stand up paddle has many physical, mental and social benefits.  Together laughter and SUP make a lethal combination for wellness and 2012 has certainly given all of us some classic moments where both were present .  


One of these moments this year was when a seal jumped on top of a paddlers board and just would not quit.  It seemed that the seal loved paddling as much as humans.  This scene was all caught on tape and ultimately was one of the funniest all year.


Another series of funny SUP moments were captured on video at the Mongoose Festival in Southern California.  Moments that would ordinarily be no big deal were turned into some very funny scenes.


Perhaps the cream of the crop, however, was when CMT's My Big Redneck Vacation  shared a video of fisherman seeing a stand up paddler for the first time.  Their reaction was absolutely classic and hysterical.


What other totally funny stand up paddle videos have you seen this year? Please share them in the comments below!


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