Finding People to Paddle With in Your Area


Photo shared via Michael with Paraty Explorer.  Looking for turtles / Procurando Tatarugas.


SAN DIEGO, California - Sometimes it is nice to go for a stand up paddle session alone but often times that one remaining obstacle preventing us from getting out is that we have no one to share the experience with.  Sometimes a little company can help with motivation, safety and add an extra element of fun.


There are no doubt many paddlers who would love to find others like them who are seeking paddle partners or a group to join and train with in their area.  If this is you, then get started by being pro active and asking about your local area on the Supconnect website.


First, go the "community" tab at SupConnect and sign in or create a new profile.  Once logged in, click on "start a new group".  Fill in the required fields and then start posting about who is paddling in your area and what you are trying to establish.  It would also be smart to send an email to [email protected] where the SupConnect staff will be notified and can possibly assist with making more broad announcements through digital media.


Together we can literally "connect paddlers everywhere" and help each of you find or create the best person or group for your paddling goals.


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