EJ Johnson – Elite Team Captain for YOLO


EJ getting some distance on his YOLO board.


SAN DIEGO, California – EJ Johnson has been on the move since he was young.  At the age of 8 he mastered skateboarding and at 12 began surfing while growing up in Riverside, CA.  At the age of 17, EJ moved to the beach, which was clearly where he was meant to be.


The story of EJ’s first SUP experience is one for the books.  As a surfer, EJ baulked at the idea of Standup Paddle Boarding.  The evening of July 4th 2006, he lost a bet.  Turns out that bet would change his life.  Loosing the bet meant EJ had to try Standup Paddle Boarding.  He and his friends didn’t have a real Standup Paddleboard so they had to use a windsurfer that his friend had.  Not only was the board substandard, but he had to use a kayak paddle.  He and his friend were having so much fun, they decided to paddle about a mile to Capistrano Beach to get some surf.  He says that he fell a minimum of 100 times (can you imagine EJ falling in?) but laughed every time and thought to himself this is the funnest day he’d had in years.


He had so much fun, he went home and used his master carpentry skills and made the very first EJ Johnson Wooden Paddle (he continues to make custom wooden paddles, paddle holders and board racks).  Two months after that first SUP experience he ordered his very first custom SUP board from Ron House.  Ron had mentioned a race that was coming up so EJ thought “why not”, it took him 3 hours to do a 10-mile race.  And this began EJ’s race career.  


Since that first race in 2006, EJ has participated in 20-25 races per year, *every* year!.  He says that the sport has changed in that it’s just not for water people and lifetime surfers but people from all activity levels are joining the sport.  EJ says one of the great things about his paddle career is being able to travel internationally.  EJ feels he has a few good years left in paddling, and will be competing in the 50 ‘s category starting in March.  


EJ started riding for YOLO in November 2011 where he’s the Elite Team Captain and Head Paddle Designer.  EJ is sponsored by: YOLO, Kreed Eyeware, Future Fins, H20 Overdrive, Onit Pro, Hinano Tahiti, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Watermans Applied Science.


To view and order EJ's custom wood paddles, paddle holders and board racks check out: www.Johnsonbigstick.com


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