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"This idea came to me really just from a picture that my wife Kim took," stated Newton. 


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ONTARIO, Canada - Following the rise in popularity of SUP or Stand Up Paddle Boarding, a·forward thinking individual put together the first Cruise/SUP vacation.  His name is·Craig Newton, a franchise owner of an Expedia CruiseShipCenters in Ontario, Canada who is also the new founder of Cruise to Paddle.


Craig was bitten by the SUP bug and as a lover of being on the water, his "outside the box" idea finally became a reality thanks to the help and dedication of all the people he worked with on each island that Cruise to Paddle visits. "This idea came to me really just from a picture that my wife Kim took", stated Newton. "I was doing some SUP on a private island off of a Cruise and the picture that Kim took had me on the board in the foreground and the ship directly behind me. When I saw that picture, I had what some people like to call an epiphany, and from there Cruise to Paddle was born."


This exclusive group caters directly to the SUP enthusiast. The week long trip is packed full of great experiences and different conditions on each island, all the while enjoying everything that the cruise also has to offer. "I've always understood that the SUP demographic is like a family and they are a very tight knit group of individuals", said Newton. "Having been on numerous cruises, I felt like we had a good handle on the group side of the business as it related to the cruise; now we take it one step further and bring together people that have the same common interest of SUP and marry the two together, resulting in what I believe will be a fantastic week."


The goal for Cruise to Paddle is to provide an experience that is second to none and will offer the client that "wow" factor, engaging them throughout the week and providing many stories to take home and eventually, return for the next CTP.  “This kind of vacation will provide a lot of memories for the SUP enthusiast”, stated Newton.  “Everyone knows the waters of the Caribbean are very conducive to some great paddling, and as a person from a cold weather climate, I for one, would be first in line to head south and SUP with a group that loved it as much as I do”.


CTP 2013 has 75 SUP spots available for the cruise. "We wanted to make it intimate enough for everyone to enjoy themselves", said Newton. "Understanding that the whole family may be coming, we wanted to be able to satisfy the demand for whoever was going to SUP. The 75 spots are reserved for clients participating for the whole week, however, there will be lots for people to do that don't SUP."


Who's ready to Cruise & SUP?  Contact Cruise to Paddle and find more information at the Cruise to Paddle Website.


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