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LYONS, Colorado - Carve Industries is a new player in the surfing and stand up paddleboarding industry making long-lasting, durable handmade wooden boards as an alternative to the industry standard of foam and plastic boards.  The company’s mission is to create a movement toward a smarter and greener industry, while rewiring the consumer mindset toward products that are built to last.


Carve recently expanded into new shop space and launched a Kickstarter funding campaign to gather the necessary capital to transition their operation from the custom, one-off board sales to full production in order to maintain an inventory at competitive market prices.  The purchase of additional machinery and bulk material orders will allow this expansion. 


Ryan Witbeck, owner/founder of Carve Industries, on why he selected Kickstarter over traditional funding methods, “It’s difficult to express to potential investors the possible return on a business that is practically creating its own market.  Our product is unconventional and we felt that a more progressive, community based investment platform would initially be better suited for our grass roots business”.


By using Kickstarter, Carve plans to tap into the surfing community on an individual basis, allowing the company to essentially perform market research while raising their needed capital.  “Kickstarter lets us communicate directly with our customer base before it even exists on a large scale. There is invaluable feedback that you just can’t get through conventional funding means,” said Evan Patronik, Head of Research & Development for the company.


“One of the important differences to this unconventional investment practice is that we’re dependent upon reaching a massive audience because we’re not asking any one entity or individual to wholly support our venture,” Ryan stated.  Carve has been spreading the word about their business and campaign through many outlets: online surfing blogs, magazines, local newspapers, and outreach campaigns.  “We’ve had a great response so far,” Ryan commented, “but we’re reaching out further to the outdoor industry to find like-minded companies that will help support our mission by spreading the word.”


As surfers and paddlers, the Carve team recognizes the many designs and composites required to advance the sport and allow the athletes to mold and shape the industry.  “We are all expected to innovate and drive our equipment and our abilities, and so are the manufactures in the materials we provide.  It’s an exciting time to be a surfer and paddler, to be part of an industry that is in constant flux and finally embracing the green movement,” Ryan stated, “As a builder and rider, there is no other time and place I would want to be.”


More information about Carve Industries and their Kickstarter campaign can be found at:


Carve Industries Kickstarter


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