Candice Appleby is World Champion for 3rd Time


Candice Appleby, the winningest stand up paddler of all time. Photo courtesy of Atilla Jobbagyi.


PALMILLA BEACH, Los Cabos Mexico - November 3-4, 2012 the Hennessey's World SUP & Paddleboard Championships took place.  Not only did Candice Appleby win the women’s Elite 4-mile Race but was also crowned the Hennessey’s World SUP Champion for the 3rd time.


There are several ways to qualify for the Hennessey’s World Championship.  One, is by participating in a particular amount of races in your home region, place high enough in the previous year’s Championships or compete in many WPA sanctioned events in multiple regions.


Candice says that her favorite aspect of the Los Cabos Classic (and this year’s World Championship) is the community involvement.  There's a very strong local presence and so many ways for the locals to get involved.  From the turtle releases, free concerts on the beach, raffel prizes and kids clinics, everyone has a good time.  Candice and Anthony Vela, through their business, Performance Paddling were able to do a free kids SUP clinic.  They had about 2-dozen kids between the ages of 9-14.  The conditions were challenging but she says she felt very honored to be able to do this with the kids.


In 2011 Candice won 27 out of 29 events she competed in, getting 2nd and 3rd place in the other two.  In 2012, she had 22 wins out of 29 races total, with five 2nd place finishes and two 3rd place finishes.  Since 2007, she has won more than 20 SUP Surfing competitions, some of which Candice was the only female competitor!


Candice believes·that what it takes to win any race or achieve any goal can be summed up in word: Commitment.  She says "commitment is what it takes to win any race or achieve any goal for that matter. Commitment in training, commitment in mental focus, and commitment in believing that you can achieve the task at hand. If you're not committed, then you may as well not even try."


As far as the future is concerned, Candice says she’s looking forward to a new event that came on the radar this year, which is the Race the Lake of the Sky in South Lake Tahoe.  Everyone will have to stay tuned for “AV’s picks of 2012” which will air on SupConnect Live in Late December.  Elite SUP racer and all around waterman, Anthony Vela, will be a special guest and talk about all the excitement for the upcoming 2013 season.


Congratulations Candice, the SUP community is looking forward to what 2013 has in store for you!


Fan Page:  www.facebook.com/candiceappleby32
Webpage:  www.candiceappleby.com
Performance Paddling:  www.performancepaddling.com


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