Battle of the Paddle Video, Pau Hana Style




LOS ANGELES, California - After the Battle of the Paddle 2012 the Pau Hana crew packed up their bags, loaded the stand up paddle boards and headed out after another great year at the event.  The races had come to an end and Pau Hana time was definitely in order, but the events of the past couple days would not easily be forgotten as they had all been caught on film. 


The video, "Pau Hana Presents: Battle of the Paddle 2012", makes it easy to catch the true vibe of what it was like to be there.  From race coverage and sup surfing fun to hearing from the participants both young and old, it's all there.  You can catch glimpses of new products like the 8'10" Oahu Sup Board being powered by Wave Jet  and even hear authentic background music as you listen to "Wipeout" by Aloha Radio who were live at the scene.  Some of the best moments in the film however, include the fantastic footage of carnage and wipeouts which are a large part of what make the Battle of the Paddle so epic and different from other sup scenes.


On that note, one crazy capture in the film is explained by Pau Hana owner Todd Caranto.  He said,  "Collectively, about 150 of us made an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people to ride a single wave. We may have ended up with a second record of the most amount of carriage on a single ride."   Jake Albrecht, who shot and cut the video, added, "(Todd) gets bashed by something like 6 boards that all fall on and around him. Another board is being dragged by his leash, yet he still manages to stay on the board. It's pretty entertaining to watch at the very least."


So what are you waiting for?  Be sure to take a few minutes to watch this flick.  The entertainment factor is huge and you'll come away feeling like you were just transported back to the beach.  Spread the word!


Did you see the carnage at the battle?


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