Alex Mauer Prepares To Break World Record

DENVER, Colorado - Colorado's favorite stand up paddler, Alex Mauer, recently set his sights on a very unique challenge that is set to put himself int the history books by setting a new world record for the longest time spent surfing a wave.

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H2YO SUP Yoga Course Offered In California

SANTA BARBARA, California - Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing sport on the planet. Yoga is the newest evolution of of fitness on board. H2YO = water + yoga is widely known for its smooth transition of floating yoga and safe paddling instruction.

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5 Benefits of Using The SUP Ergometer

MIAMI BEACH, Florida - Kayak Pro have just introduced the SUP Ergometer, which has spurred on the indoor SUPtheWorkOut program - a low intensity/high impact routine that takes paddling indoors and provides the most realistic alternative out there.

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Tecolote 5000 SUP Race In San Diego

SAN DIEGO, California - The San Diego Canoe Kayak Team (SDCKT) are hosting the 3rd stop of the SoCal Ocean Racing Series on December 14, 2013. The event is currently open for registration at a cost of $25 per paddler if you sign up before December 8 (afterwards it is $30), as well as one unwrapped toy for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department's Mobile Santa.

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Supconnect Profile: Bianca Guimarães

BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil - Bianca Guimaraes is one of the leading SUP Yoga personalities in Brazil, taking her passion for stand up paddling and yoga to a wide audience through television appearances, demos and racing at major events, and spreading the word through her website, suprogabrasil.com. Aside from being a great all-round athlete, Bianca's positive approach to life and paddling is what makes her such a fantastic ambassador for the sport of SUP. Keep reading to find out more about her.

Supconnect Weekly Recap, 12/03/2013

SAN DIEGO, California - Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Heat, our countdown of the biggest news, reviews, interviews and features surrounding the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding. This week we’re bringing you another sample of the best stories covered by ourselves and other publications. 

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Naish Introduces the Hokua X32 LE Series

HAIKU, Hawaii - Naish has introduced a range of Limited Edition, ultra lightweight, extremely stable boards designed for highly advanced riding in small to medium waves.

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13 Amazing SUP Yoga Photos

SAN DIEGO, California - Supconnect takes a look at the Best Sup Yoga pictures from 2013, bringing you a collection of beautiful images from around the world.

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Fiery Action Featured In KUZI PROJECT Episode 1

PEMBA, Mozambique - Last week we aired the KUZI Project Teazer clip, which introduced viewers to the incredible journey that Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis took up the East Coast of Africa this year. EPIC TV have just released episode 1 of their 6 part-part mini-documentary series that follows this crazy duo 500 miles, from Mozambique to Zanzibar. It's titled: "HAIR-FIRE, KNEE SURGERY AND DRUNK SUP PROMISES". Watch and enjoy...

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