Amit Inbar

Amit Inbar

Amit is a former European champion and Olympic windsurfer. After completing his professional windsurfing career, he decided to open a surf school in his home town Michmoret and pass his love of the sea to others . Over the last three years he has concentrated his activity on SUP, as in his view this is an amazing sport that can bring any person into the world of water sports in a gentle way. Through their exposure to SUP, Amit has changed people's world,  by providing an exciting new connection to the sea. At SUPaway, Amit teaches SUP surfing, trains racing groups, and leads SUP excursions in Israel, and around the world. " Sharing my knowledge and passion for the sea , is what I always wanted to do, the stand up paddling sport has given me the perfect platform to do it." 

Website URL: http://www.expressyoursurf.com
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