SUP Woman of the Year 2011


Last year the SUP Woman of the Year Award went to Candice Appleby. This year, in the second annual SUP Woman of the Year, the field of SUP women is even stronger. The list of nominees includes some excellent SUP athletes. Cast your vote or nominate another SUP Woman of the Year now!

The 2nd Annual Supconnect SUP Woman of the Year award includes nominees from around the world. Nominees from Hawaii, California, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Florida and more all have a chance at this year's coveted title.


This year's group of nominees include SUP stars Andrea Moller Bouwens, Annabel Anderson, Candice Appelby and Nikki Gregg among other well know and up-and-coming names.





2nd Annual SUP Woman of the Year Award



Polls are open for SUP Woman of the Year 2011



Give a Facebook Like to your favorite Sup Woman. You can also express further support by Tweeting and posting comments on his or her nomination post on the Supconnect Awards Page. For those without a Facebook or Twitter account, you can visit the Sup Woman of the Year 2011 group on Supconnect, join the group, and leave your comments on the group's wall.



Your support is a tremendous help for the athlete. The Supconnect Awards is the first of its kind and taps into the audience of the world's #1 ranked SUP website. A Top Rank on the Supconnect Awards can catapult the athlete into new heights in his or her stand up paddle boarding career.



Cast your vote on the Sup Women Page

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SAN DIEGO, California – In last year’s inaugural SUPconnect Awards, we saw some strong candidates fight for the top spot in each coveted category. SUP Woman of the Year Candice Appelby, nominated once again this year, sets the pace for this year’s nominees. At the end of August we will honor the SUP Woman of the Year 2011 based upon your votes.

Purely selected through a democratic process, the nominees and winners were chosen marginally based on performance but heavily on community involvement and ambassadorship. Now this year’s nominees promise to deliver yet another exceptional lineup of winners, who will earn the prestige of entering stand up paddle board history.

The Supconnect Awards was the first awarding venue for stand up paddling, considering athletes globally and heavily relying on audience feedback. The process has become an excellent gauge for companies considering athlete sponsorship.

The Supconnect Awards process has two steps: nomination and selection. Nominations for the Supconnect Awards are open to the public. If you have someone whom you think has what it takes and deserves a shot at earning the Supconnect Awards, we encourage you to submit her nomination via the Sup Woman of the Year 2011 Group on Supconnect.

The nomination is simple. Join the group and create a photo album with some pictures of your nominee and under the album’s description insert a one paragraph biographical note. If you need any help during this nomination process, feel free to contact [email protected] or call 858.366.4407.

The second step of the Supconnect Awards is the selection. Candidates are chosen purely via a democratic process. Votes are counted from the number of Facebook Likes and Comments the candidate receives, plus also the number of Tweets and posts on the wall of the Sup Woman of the Year 2011 Group on Supconnect.

To express your support for your favorite SUP Woman, simply find her nomination on the Supconnect Awards Sup Woman of the Year 2011 Page $$$and click Like and/or Tweet. You can also click on the nomination post and leave your comment telling us specifics of why you think she should be the winner.

Now for those who are neither on Facebook nor on Twitter, you can join the Sup Woman of the Year 2011 Group on Supconnect and leave a post on the group’s wall. The Supconnect Awards does not have a purely up and down vote, for we encourage the audience to give us the reasons why a particular candidate is deserving of the prize.

The polls for SUP Woman of the Year 2011 are open.

About Supconnect Awards

The Supconect Awards, which is now in its second annual year, was the first of its kind for the sport of stand up paddle boarding. Drawing on the popularity of Supconnect as the #1 ranked sup website in the world, as well as having the fastest growing social media platform among stand up paddle media, the Supconnect Awards places the sup athletes on a global stage and offers them the opportunity to gauge their popularity in front of a world audience. That gives the sup athletes an objective tool to assess their sponsorship value while also giving them resources to further advance their careers.


What SUP Woman will you vote for?


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