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How To Stand Up On Your Paddle Board

sean poynter sup tips ep 3

All photos courtesy of Matty and Elena Schweitzer.

SAN DIEGO, California - Episode 3 in SUP Surf Tips with Starboard and FCS SUP athlete Sean Poynter, Sean takes us through the steps on how to stand up on your stand up paddle board. See his steps below:

1. Approach deep enough water where fins won’t hit bottom.

As you approach deep enough water where your fins won’t hit the bottom you should be holding your paddle with one hand in a parallel position on the side of the board.

Note: Make sure to keep the nose of your board facing the oncoming swells. This is going to help you to stay stable on your board and not get bumped off by the swells.

standing up on sup tips

2. Get on SUP one leg at a time.

When you go to hop on the board you want to start with one leg at a time. First step, placing your knee and shin down on the board and then bring the other leg up. Use your arms to help stabilize you as you bring each leg onto the deck of the board.

standing up on sup tips 1 standing up on sup tips 2


3. In kneeled position on board, pick up paddle

With your knees and shins now down on the board, pick up your paddle...

Note: The proper way to hold your paddle is with the ‘L’ of the blade facing forward.

standing up on sup tips 4

4. Give a few strokes to get your momentum going...

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5. Transition into a standing position

Once you’ve gained momentum you’re going to start the transition into a standing position. While holding your paddle below your shoulders, drop it across and onto the center of the board and start lifting one leg at a time, eventually planting the sole of your foot on the deck.

standing up on sup tips 6 standing up on sup tips 7

You want to make sure to plant your foot close to the edges of the board just outside of the center point of the board.

Note: The center point of the board is usually where the handle of the board is. When you have one foot planted start doing the same with the other.

6. Plant feet at center point of the board

Remember to plant your feet close to the edges of the board and in the center point of the board as this is going to help make you more secure and stable when standing.

standing up on sup tips 8 standing up on sup tips 9

7. Rise slowly from your waist.

Once you have both feet planted, rise slowly from your waist and plant your paddle in the water. Remember, ‘L’ facing forward. Continue to paddle smoothly with your knees slightly bent and wide stance.

standing up on sup tips 10

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Sean Poynter

San Diego, California - Sean Poynter is one of the world’s best stand up paddle surfers. Sean comes from a traditional surfing background where he was easily able to make the transition to SUP surfing and became one of the pioneers for progressing SUP surfing to the level that it’s at today. Sean proves SUP can be taken beyond flat water and into the waves for electrifying surfing performances.

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