Jess Leedy Gets Extreme In New SUP Surfing Edit

Infinity and Werner Paddles team rider Jess Leedy goes completely insane somewhere in Central California pushing the limits of SUP surfing. In this seven-minute edit watch Jess take off on waves of consequence and get some epic barrels. There’s also some pretty good wipeouts in there too so have a watch and enjoy the talent of Jess Leedy.

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Jess Leedy; Extreme SUP Surfer

Last summer we showed you a video of a stand up paddle surfer who blew our minds with the talent he showed in his video 'Extreme SUP Surfing.' This surfer has just released a sequel to this video titled 'Extreme SUP Surfing 2!' Take a look into the extreme SUP Surfing world of SUP Surfer, Jess Leedy.

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