Body Glove Performer

Price: $999 Build: Inflatable
Skill: Beginner Use: All-Around
Weight: 22.5 lbs Sizes: 11'

Who is this for: Updated for 2020, the Performer 11 has received a nice makeover. It's not the most premium, but when it comes to value it's definitely among the top ones. The graphics have a really nice color coordination and the traction pad is comfortable on your feet. The shape is fairly good and the board feels incredibly stable and the pulled in nose does give a bit more glide. The fins are permanently attached to the board so keep that in mind since you'll have to be a bit more careful as to not damage the fins or the board. The board also features a carbon reinforced strip which definitely stiffens it up. This comes with a leash and a paddle making it a complete package. The only thing that seems slightly off about the board is the nose is slightly pulled in for my taste but other than that this board seems like an amazing inflatable touring paddle board at a good price point. Excellent job to Body Glove on putting this together.

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Body Glove Porter

Price: $999 Build: Inflatable
Skill: Beginner Use: All-Around/Kayak Hybrid
Weight: 20.5 lbs Sizes: 9'6"

About the board:If you’re looking for an affordable SUP/Kayak hybrid look no further, this is it. The Body Glove Porter is an awesome choice for someone who is looking for an inflatable paddleboard and kayak in one. The board is meant for a single paddler and is nice and stable in both standing and sitting positions. At 9’6” and 20.5 pounds, the board is really easy to handle and carry around. The downside of this though is that bigger paddlers might not feel as comfortable or stable as a smaller paddler would; however, it’s noted that the board can handle up to 300 pounds. This board should work for paddlers of all skill levels and ages and is best for short to mid-range distances. Priced at $999, the Body Glove Porter is an incredibly affordable package, especially since you’re getting the duo usage and is a great option for those single paddlers looking for just that. Read more HERE.

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Body Glove Navigator Plus

Price: $999 Build: Inflatable
Skill: Beginner Use: All-Around
Weight: 22.12 lbs Sizes: 10'6"

About the board:This board is hands down one of the best inflatable standup paddle board models for 2019. The construction is very strong with reinforced rails and stringer and feels stiff. This inflatable has the perfect amount of rocker so it glides incredibly well for an inflatable. The board is also very stable with the square tail helping add to that stability as you cruise along. The board features some really nice add on's as well with a comfortable handle that is nice when carrying the board but it also features as a paddle holder when you want to be hands free. The graphics are beautiful and have a really nice color coordination that is attractive to both guys and gals. The board also comes with a full setup, a paddle, leash and pump and a nice portable carry bag. The paddle blade also has nice graphics adding a nice touch to the overall package. Read more HERE.

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Body Glove Oasis

Price: $999 Build: Inflatable
Skill: Beginner Use: Yoga
Weight:  24 lbs Sizes: 10'

About the board:At $999 this inflatable is simply one of the most beautiful mid-price point inflatables that you can buy. The graphics are gorgeous and have a very thoughtful coordination of color scheme all throughout the board. The construction is just remarkable. In fact, it’s quite surprising that at this price point you can find a carbon stringer with reinforced rails, comfortable handles on the nose and center of the board. The board is fairly stable. It’s not the most stable on the market but is fairly stable and pretty average in terms of stability and it would make for an incredible gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, etc. who is looking for a board in the yoga space and wanting to have fun on a board that is at an affordable price point that looks good. Read more HERE.

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Body Glove Crusader

Price: $1,999 Build: Inflatable
Skill: Beginner Use: Group
Weight: 76 lbs Sizes: 15'

About the board:If you’re on the market for a group SUP that gears towards surfing, check out the Crusader from Body Glove. The Crusader can fit up to 6 people (1,0000 lbs) and is clearly a very stable board due to its 66 in. width. The board is very difficult to carry alone due to its size but with a few people able to chip in carrying is easy. Retailed at $1,999 the Crusader is an excellent choice for a surf-specific group SUP. Read more HERE.

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Body Glove Outfitter

Price: $1,199 Build: Inflatable
Skill: Beginner Use: All Around
Weight: 25.14 lbs Sizes: 10'8", 11'

About the board: If you’re a beginner paddler looking for an inflatable all around paddle board with a budget close to $1,000 then the Body Glove Outfitter is something to take a look at. The Outfitter is a very stable board with its 34in width and is great for beginner paddlers who need that extra stability. The board is pretty lightweight and easy to carry and is designed to be used by paddlers of all sizes and skill levels. The Outfitter works best when paddling short distances and sits in the popular mid-tier market in terms of affordability. Read more HERE.

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