BOTE + REALTREE® Create New Camo 'Hunting' Board



DESTIN, Florida - BOTE’s mission, "Stand Apart through industry-shaping innovation, fresh ideas and simplicity to create a product that defines a lifestyle," guides everything from product design to internal policies. Simply put, it defines the boundary for what we are, what we make and why we make it. More importantly, it also shapes who we make stuff for; our core customer - passionate outdoor people. From day one, board number one, we have stuck to this credo. Our customers are passionate about paddling, fishing, surfing and living the BOTE lifestyle we promote. Innovation comes through listening to our customers, understanding their desires and developing a product that works for them. It took a while, but we listened to everyone who said “It would be awesome to use a BOTE board to hunt…you guys should make one in camo.”




What seemed like a natural fit for our brand took longer to develop than expected. We knew that to be successful, we needed to partner with a brand who we felt would make the project authentic and that the partnership had to be mutually beneficial. In walked Realtree®.

Realtree® , based in Columbus, Ga, has been the pioneer in the camouflage industry. What began in 1986 as a 3D sketch of an oak tree and leaves has blossomed (literally) into a multi-industry business. Realtree® leads with camo patterns that vary from waterfowl to snow environments. “When we evaluated the camo industry we immediately looked to Realtree®” said Rob McAbee, BOTE’s Creative Brand Director. “When we began the dialog, they were on the cusp of unveiling their latest waterfowl pattern, Max-5. With the concept of our board (SUP) project being based almost entirely around a water based hunting environment, it only made sense that we aimed to partner with Realtree® and be one of the first products to feature the pattern. As well as the only SUP company expanding into this market.”




“The concept was to take a platform that we knew our customers could do just about anything on; our 12’ HD” explains Corey Cooper, BOTE's Designer. “ Already we see people who fish, bowfish / bowhunt, scuba dive, lobster…you name it, they have done it. We have expanded on this trend and are now offering a board that blends in various marsh grasses via the Realtree® Max-5 and matte finish. A board someone could use to paddle into a shallow marsh environment instead of wading would be awesome. Cause wading sucks!”

We are offering the HD and the Drift inflatable in Realtree® Max-5 for the 2014 line-up. The stage is set to explore multiple options of product offerings over the next several years via the Realtree® partnership. The Camouflage // Concealment industry is expanding as rapidly as Stand Up Paddle boarding. As a brand, we must learn to walk before we run into another market, but if the initial responses and reactions are any indication, it could be the start of something big.






To celebrate our excitement on the collaboration with Realtree and the Max-5 Camo SUPS, we are giving away a 12' BOTE HD Realtree for Father's Day! Now you can fish, paddle, surf and hunt with BOTE Boards. Featured in the Realtree Father's Day Gift Guide, the BOTE HD is ideal for the active dad who loves to get out on the water. Reaching your favorite blind or fishing hole has never been easier.


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