Morelli & Melvin 14' and 12'6 Stand Up Paddleboards

Working with Boardworks, M&M has transposed their award-winning hull designs to stand up paddleboards, creating a new breed of lightning-quick boards. Below, Anthony Vela gives us a run-down on these boards.

Vela breaks down what makes the Morelli & Melvin stand up paddleboards so special.


Check out Anthony Vela's win at the San Clemente Ocean Festival



Ryan Mahoney discusses the M&M boards


M&M Carbon 14'



World renowned multi-hull sailboat designers Morrelli and Melvin have stepped into the world of SUP race board design.

Utilizing their many years of experience designing record breaking multi-hulls, they are now applying their expertise to a line of science based race boards that they are building with Boardworks.

When describing these boards, Ryan Mahoney, California Sales Manager for Boardworks, points out one of the main features that distinguishes these boards from all others, “The nose is called a wave-piercing bow and is different from practically every race board there it out there on the market.”

This “wave-piercing bow” is exactly why Anthony Vela, Elite racer and Boardworks team rider, has chosen to ride the M&M boards in so many races this year.

Vela says, “Both of these boards are very fast in any condition” and goes on to highlight that he, “raced the 14’ board to victory at the Carolina Cup in North Carolina, paddling through flat water, downwind, upwind and up current.”

With a background deeply rooted in science and engineering, Mahoney points out that the Morelli & Melvin stand up paddleboards are “definitely a different approach to stand up paddle racing than others have taken who have more of a surf background.”

The next generation in SUP race board design. The hull shape is optimized for speed. Featuring a unique bow design that penetrates through waves allowing the board to drive and accelerate without pitching the bow and losing forward energy.

The peaked deck design functions to shed water for smooth recovery. The tail is designed to minimize wetted surface area and drag, release water cleanly and to perform well while riding waves.

For a full description and specs on each board, check out the Boardworks Morelli & Melvin Stand Up Paddleboard page at www.boardworks.com.


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