Fobox: An Innovative Water Sports Business In A Box

Ever dream of opening up your own SUP business? The Fobox gives you that chance... Ever dream of opening up your own SUP business? The Fobox gives you that chance...

HONOLULU, Hawaii — Introducing the FOBOX from Four Oceans Paddle—a simple, innovative business-in-a-box targeting the growing water sports recreation market. The FOBOX is a customized standard shipping container that comes equipped with everything needed to start a profitable business.

The FOBOX combines the logistics of running a small business and all of the necessary resources in one ready to go box. A custom standard shipping container is equipped with mounted iPads and Point of Sale, HR, and accounting software. It also comes with 20 stand up paddle boards and paddles to rent as well as additional products to rent or sell.

The FOBOX is an eco-friendly self contained unit powered by sustainable power sources. Each standard unit comes equipped with solar power and a salt water Aquino battery with the options to add a wind turbine and air conditioning. These green energy sources power the hydraulic arms that open the doors and provide renewable electricity to the container.

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This innovative business model provides an all-in-one package for entrepreneurs to get started earning money instantly in the fast growing water sports recreation arena. Four Oceans will ship the custom FOBOX anywhere in the world with everything new business owners need to start their business on day one. FOBOX owners can hope to recoup their investment in as little as two to four months depending on location.

Four Oceans Founder and CEO Mike Olsen said: “I really wanted to empower people and give them an opportunity to own and run their own business without all of the headache involved in initial set up. With the FOBOX we take care of everything up front; from fully automating the custom rental unit with all of the necessary software to run a business to providing all of the inventory to operate your FOBOX.”

“My aim is to help aspiring entrepreneurs, dreamers and independent thinkers be their best selves. With the FOBOX we take care of everything business owners don’t want to have to deal with so they can get busy living their dreams. Once they have their FOBOX options are endless and they can further customize their business to fit their lifestyle and needs.”

Four Oceans have already created a successful semi-permanent rental business in Waterton, Canada and will soon open two locations in Hawaii. The streamlined business model is now available to investors to get started with their own custom FOBOX anywhere in the world.

Interested parties can click here to support the FOBOX campaign. To learn more about Four Oceans visit fouroceanspaddle.com.

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