Stand Up Paddler Catches Marlin on Board


SAN CARLOS, Mexico – Stand up paddling has seen some crazy growth in the past few years and that growth has paved the way for some interesting cross-overs into other sports. One such crossover has been the combination of stand up paddling and fishing, with many manufacturers making boards and equipment specialized to the new sport of SUP fishing.

As Tim Romano says over at Field & Stream, “I went to bed last night thinking of the possibilities of where this thing [SUP Fishing] could go: deep in the mangroves, super skinny flats or back bays that the bass boats can't get to. Unlike a kayak or belly boat, they give you the advantage of height.”

The video above shows an extreme example of stand up paddle fishing in action and while most of us won’t be reeling in huge marlins anytime soon, it is pretty cool to see what is possible. As chaseoff explains on the video’s Youtube page, “Carl Schroderer and the crew of the fishing boat, Kelsey Lee, attempted and accomplished the first successful hook, fight and release of a Striped Marlin on a Stand-Up Paddleboard. The feat was completed off the coast of the infamous Magdalena Bay in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The Marlin was caught on live bait with 50 pound test line in just over 8 minutes.”


Morgan Becker

After spending the first part of her life in Minnesota, Morgan traded in her snow boots for sandals and moved to sunny California. After graduating with a degree in Communication from The University of Southern California, she eventually made her way down south to San Diego and is taking advantage of the living by the best beaches and burritos California has to offer. If it’s sunny, you can find her at the beach relaxing, or exploring the calm water in the bay via paddleboards and kayaks.

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