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Like a hot knife through cold butter, the Ohana stand up paddleboards cut through the water with ease and agility. Ohana founders Bob Reed and Russel Coble talk about their background and the hot knives they have to offer.



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Ohana 10-6

Ohana 12-6

Ohana 14


Check out Ohana's SUP line up at Boardworks

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - On the ground and in the trenches at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah, Andre Neimeyer has been talking up a storm with stand up paddle industry veterans, athletes and manufacturers.

Yesterday, Andre caught up with Bob Reed and Russel Coble, founders and owners of the Ohana Paddleboard Company, to talk about the exciting stuff they have to offer.

When discussing Ohana’s watermen pedigree, Coble says, “We come from a long line of paddleboard racers and we’ve been building paddleboards for quite a long time before we got into stand up paddling.”

It is exactly that pedigree and history in paddleboard racing that informs Ohana SUP designs today, “We were able to translate a lot of those [paddleboard] designs into stand up paddling and that gave us a little jump on everybody else,” says Coble.

Ohana, who have been offering their superior SUP designs through Boardworks, has an extensive line of boards to fit almost any style, “We’ve come out with a line of boards with Boardworks that is more user friendly and is more stable…but still paddle without having to push five gallons of water with every stroke,” Coble explains.

In the videos to the right, Bob and Russel walk us through their 10-6, 12-6, and 14-foot stand up paddleboards.

About Ohana
Ohana Paddle Board Company was founded in 1996 by Bob Reed and Russel Coble, two high school buddies from Orange County.
Their passion for the oceanic lifestyle marked the advent of Ohana prone paddleboards in 1996; Russell’s race experience in outriggers, surfskis and paddleboards and Bob’s talent for design and manufacturing soon led to an unbelievable success in high performance paddling: in the ensuing years Ohana won almost every major paddle race in the world.

The Ohana SUP boards were introduced in 2008 with the idea to take the speed of their paddle boards to the Stand Up category. The outcome was amazing: at the Battle of the Paddle they took first in Men’s Open, and Women’s elite, and a second in Men’s Elite.

Their current roster includes Rob Rojas, Tom Gallagher, Will Rechenstein, Jared Vargas, Maggie Hogan, Eric Stearns, Dick and Dane Deboer, and Julie Wolf.


Have you ridden an Ohana stand up paddleboard?


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