Mark Horton Named CEO of Open Air Dynamics

The newly formed OPEN AIR dynamicsTM, whose portfolio of brands include Tahoe SUP and Odyssey SUP has announced the appointment of Mark Horton as CEO.




Reno, Nevada, USA - Horton joins forces with Nate Brouwer, founder of Tahoe SUP and Odyssey SUP founder Mike Okoniewski in organizing the new company with the mission of expanding the product offering and making standup paddling accessible to more people.


Horton brings with him a deep understanding of the market, developed from seven years as Operations and Finance Manager for Global Surf Industries, growing it into the world’s premier surfboard and SUP company featuring 10 plus brands.


“I met Nate about a year ago and was immediately impressed with his vision and ability as a designer to take his ideas for products, all the way to the end result,” said Horton. “It’s exciting to have this opportunity at OPEN AIR dynamicsTM to grow the back end and assist in delivering these cutting edge products to the market.”


With Horton at the reigns, Brouwer feels that he can now focus his energy on products that continue to inspire the direction of the SUP industry. “Mark is really the final piece to the puzzle for OPEN AIR dynamicsTM”, said Brouwer. “I feel that with his financial expertise and organizational skill, we can take everything to the next level and I am able to do what I do best, apply my creativity to new products and materials.”


Tahoe SUP is leading the revolution of Stand Up Paddle Board touring on lakes, rivers and oceans. The quality and innovation of their boards and products is connecting people with the world around them and opening the doors of adventure. Each Tahoe SUP model features displacement hull technology, developed from research with the Tahoe SUP Race and Explore Project Team. The stability of the boards combined with the displacement hull and added volume for carrying cargo, provides the opportunity to explore and go on tour. Tahoe SUP supports a healthy and clean environment and is committed to providing the best customer experience on and off the water.


To see the complete line of Tahoe SUP products including boards, paddles and accessories, visit www.tahoesup.com


Odyssey SUP is an “all water” brand of stand up paddle boards designed to offer a lighter weight, more durable, price point board to beginner, intermediate and fitness paddlers. Odyssey SUP offers 3 styles, Tour, Surf and Softy. Tour and Surf boards feature the innovative proprietary composite construction we call RINOtechTM. The Tour model features displacement hull technology for an efficient glide on lakes, rivers and flat ocean. The Surf model features performance elements for maneuvering on a wave but functions great for family type recreation on flatwater. Softy has a surf style shape but features a soft top and rails with innovative attachment points for accessories. All Odyssey SUP boards include an adjustable paddle.


To see the complete line of Odyssey products including boards, paddles and accessories, visit www.odysseysup.com


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