Live Interviews All Week With BOP Elite Racers

Join us all week for interviews with the 2012 elite racers at: BOP LIVE INTERVIEWS


A Scene from the Battle of the Paddle 2011 Elite Men's Race.


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SAN DIEGO, California - With the Battle of the Paddle being less than 1 week away everyone is prepping and getting ready for the biggest and most exciting race of the year.  Supconnect is right there with you and has some very exciting news!


This week Supconnect will bring you exclusive insight and interviews from many of the elite racers.  SUP greats such as Candice Appleby, Jamie Mitchell, Gillian Gibree, Kai Lenny, Morgan Hoesterey, Mike Tavares, Haley Mills, Rami & Kriszta Zur, Talia Gangini, Del DaSilva, Jessica Rando and more are graciously taking their time to come to the brand new Supconnect studio and speak to all of you!


Join the LIVE HD broadcast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week between 9am and 1pm at BOP LIVE INTERVIEWS.  Learn tips and tricks from the elites and have fun getting to know them better.  It is going to be a full house of back to back interviews with the best talent in the world, so spread the stoke and tell everyone to tune in and Supconnect!  


Click here to watch: BOP LIVE INTERVIEWS


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