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Written by Tyler Callaway

The Company Began with a Revolutionary Fin Control System and Still Remains as a Leader in Innovation


Tyler Callaway, the face of FCS in the US, stands by the FCS booth at the Battle of the Paddle in Dana Point. Photo: Sup Connect.


Candice Appleby

Highest Performing Female Paddler in 2010




FCS Stand Up Paddle Gear

Travel and Day-use Bags, Paddle Bags, and More




Slater Trout

Highest Performing Grom Paddler in 2010




FCS Stand Up Paddle Gear

Thrusters, Quads, Single, 3D Fins and Much More


SYDNEY, Australia – At FCS, we are still best known for surfing products and world champion athletes like Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning. But a few of us in the company have been standup paddling for years now.  Richie Lovett and I began about five years ago. For me, it was a way to have fun and stay in shape when the surf was small. For Richie, it was partly rehabilitation after his hip reconstruction due to cancer. (Join the Gear Talk group.)

We quickly realized that standup paddle boarding is a great sport for everyone on any body of water. Standup paddling has offered me many new ways to enjoy the water, and what began as a novelty sport has added a huge new dimension to my life. Because stand up paddling can be enjoyed on any body of water it effectively brings surfing to millions of new people who don't live on the coast.  

As a leading global surf fin and accessory manufacturer, FCS knows what it takes to produce high quality stand up paddle products. We are proud to be known for offering innovative high quality equipment to help people do what they love. We are dedicated to partnerships with our retailers to educate consumers and grow the sport in a responsible way.   

We work with some of the sport's leading athletes, Slater Trout, Candice Appleby, just to name a few of our ambassadors. These and other cutting-edge performers are driving the evolution of the sport. We have a dedicated team of people who are focused on evolving the performance of all of our products to new levels never before seen. It's exciting, inspiring and a whole lot of fun. (Receive the Sup Connect Newsletter.

We learned many years ago through our involvement in surfing that when you create a product that raises people's performance levels they get really excited. That stoke combined with our love of water is what drives our brand.

Recently we have added unique and innovative race and surf leashes, along with a host of other new products. Please go to SurfFCS.com and click on the SUP tab to see a full listing of our products. (Join the Gear Talk group.)


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