Dan Gavere Catches Some Alternative Surf


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HOOD RIVER, Oregon – What do you do when you want to surf but there isn’t an ocean around for miles? Get creative! Lifelong paddler and all-around waterman Dan Gavere shows us on his stand up paddleboard how thinking beyond the traditional waves of the ocean can land you a wave all to yourself.

When life gives you lemons be happy to get free lemons. When the river gives you a renovated paddle steamer, grab your stand up paddleboard and enjoy the ride. In the video above, Gavere rides the wake created by this particular sternwheeler. Once a viable and vital form of transportation, paddle steamers can now be found on major rivers in the United States as forms of tourist attraction. On the beautiful Columbia River a handful of paddle steamers can be found, such as the one Gavere has commandeered to practice his SUP surfing maneuvers.

Together with Nikki Gregg, Dan Gavere has created supinstruction.com to teach the basics and benefits of stand up paddling along with advanced techniques that he has learned throughout a life of white water kayaking, windsurfing, and stand up paddling. Check out his awesome ride in the video above and check out his instructional material at supinstruction.com.


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