Celebrities on SUP

Celebrities are enjoying stand up paddle board just like the rest of us.



SAN DIEGO, California - What is it about celebrities that has so much of the world obsessed?  This is perhaps a long standing question that some may never come to agree upon.  What we do know is that many of them have been caught on film and in photos doing Stand Up Paddleboarding.  Whether you think these individuals help or hurt stand up paddle expansion and perception is a matter of personal opinion.  However, one thing everyone can agree upon is that we have all been curious and intrigued enough to get on a board and give it a try.

Below is a video of some of these famous men and women having some SUP fun.



Have you seen a Celebrity on SUP photo that we're not aware of?  Check out our Celebrities on SUP pin board at Supconnect Pinterest and let us know!

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