#BloodMoonSup - Share your photos with Supconnect!

Will your #BloodMoonSup pics look something like this?

SAN DIEGO, California - Many of you know that a major lunar eclipse will take place beginning tomorrow! Some of you will surely be on paddleboards and will be taking incredible pictures of the "blood moon" phenomenon. 

In celebration of this incredible event, we at Supconnect ask that you share your photos with us and with the rest of the stand up paddle community using the hashtag #BloodMoonSup. 

Let's all join together in this rare moment and connect paddlers around the world with our amazing paddleboarding images.

Remember, use #BloodMoonSup and then also upload your photos in our April Supconnect Photo Contest.  Watch below for more infomation about the eclipse! 


Be safe and click away with those cameras!

Will you be on a paddleboard taking #BloodMoonSup pics?


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