Baxter and Lenny Have Water Wars in Chicago


CHICAGO, Illinois - For those of you who are not familiar yet with the waterman league and the stand up world series, it is a series of events that happens annually where the top racers from around the world come to compete head to head.


Typically there are two races per event which include a sprint race and also a long distance race.·Each race that a contestant paddles has the potential to earn them points based on how well they place. ·The person with the lowest points accumulated by the end of the year is the champion.·


Just this weekend there were two more races held in Chicago on Lake Michigan.  This was the 6th stop on the tour this year out of 9 that are currently on the 2013 schedule.   Connor Baxter and Annabel Anderson were the overall winners of the Chicago World Paddle Challenge and each won both the sprint race and the six mile distance race. 


Enjoy the video above from the sprint races!


Click here to see the men's standings: 2013 Men's Stand Up World Series Rankings


Click here to see the women's standings: 2013 Women's Stand Up World Series Rankings


Chicago World Paddle Challenge Results:

Overall Men's Results (sprint + distance race)1st: Connor Baxter, 2nd: Kai Lenny, 3rd: Jake Jensen, 4th: Zane Schweitzer, 5th: Kody Kerbox, 6th: Ryan Helm 


Overall Women's Results: (sprint + distance race)1st: Annabel Anderson, 2nd: Angie Jackson, 3rd: Noalani Sach, 4th: Kristin Thomas


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