McNamara Slays the Biggest Wave Ever Surfed


NAZARE, Portugal – Big wave surfer Garrett McNamara bagged one of the biggest waves captured on film in Portugal on November 1st. Invited by the government to investigate the site for a big wave competition, McNamara and fellow big wave rider Andrew Cotton were in the right place at the right time.

Praia do Norte beach in Navare, Portugal is known for the watery monsters that lurch into 300-foot cliffs; a suicide-wave that requires precision, guts, and just a dash of insanity to successfully ride when in its angriest mood. Funneled by a 1,000-foot deep canyon in the ocean that runs right up to the cliffs, the waves can easily reach over 50 feet in height when swell conditions are prime.

Skilled in big wave riding, McNamara initially decided to back off and not ride the giants rolling through, “we went round and I just wasn’t feeling it that much.” But after being talked into it, he decided to strap on his board and grab the tow rope attached to his partner’s jet ski.

Setting himself up on a massive set, McNamara dropped into a wave that just kept getting bigger and bigger until it became a liquid skyscraper, pushing its way towards the cliffs and carrying the tiny surfer on its face.

“I started making the bottom turn and I felt the lip hit me. You can see it in the video. Usually I don't have time to look around but you see me look round twice and then I get hit by the white water on the shoulder and it feels like a ton of bricks. I've been hit like that before and I'm thinking: I've got to make this,” said McNamara.



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