10 Days Left in Boardworks Photo Contest Final


This contest entry is titled "SUP in the Sawtooths" by Danny Walton

ENCINITAS, California - After an incredible number of submissions in the Love My Boardworks Photo Contest, there are 25 entries that have been chosen to be finalists.  The photos have been fun and exciting to look at and some are just breath taking, but now it is time for you to cast your vote! 


Will your favorite photo be the epic shot of of a stand up paddler in front of a massive glacier or the one of the sea lion perched on the rock next to a couple of girls out for a paddle.  Perhaps you will prefer the young display of talent in the photo of  Miles Harvey dropping in on a blow up board or the artistic approach of the  photo submitted of a single SUP fin set against a blue sky and mountainous background.  Regardless of which one becomes your ultimate choice, be sure to chime in and take a minute to look them over and help three lucky people win a prize. 


In order to even the playing field, the vote count has been set back to zero for all the entries in the final round. The winners will be selected and based on both the vote count and judges favorites.  First place will win a 3 Piece Boardworks Paddle, 2nd a Boardworks Sweatshirt and 3rd a Boardworks Hat.  Hurry and let Boardworks Surf know what catches your eye, so the judges can make a decision that best reflects the opinion of the SUP community.  Voting is open through August 31st, after which the winners will be announced.   


Have you voted yet?  If not vote here: http://bit.ly/BoardworksPhotoContest2012


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