How to Respond Event Invitations?


Understanding how to respond to event invites will make you more effective when interacting with the community


How to Respond to Event Invites?

  1. Log in to Supconnect.com.
  2. On the right hand side of your Navigation tabs there is a bell with a red number on side.
  3. Click on the bell and a Notification pop up will appear..
  4. The event information will be displayed and it will prompt you to either accept or reject the invite.
  5. Click on the action you want to take, accept or reject, and that's it.


More Tips:

On your profile navigation tabs you will see a tab labeled "Applications" If you click on it a twirl down box will appear and a button labeled "event" is an option.  Click on Events and the event you accepted will be there for your reminder.  If you need more help, contact [email protected]


Click on full screen button on the video player for better viewing.


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