SIC Maui X

Price: $1,699 Build: Non-inflatable
Skill: Intermediate Use: Race
Weight: 34.5 lbs Sizes: 12'6", 14'

Who is this for: If you’re looking for a fast, non-inflatable, all-around race board to paddle in races with a variety of conditions then the X from SIC Maui is worth a look. This stand up paddle (SUP) board comes in the Tuff Carbon Wood (TWC) construction which is durable and has its ups and downs. The X is 29.5 inches wide making it a pretty stable race board and it weighs 2.76 lbs per foot, 34.5 lbs in total, which is moderately heavy for its length of 12’6”. Its shape makes the X an all-around race board that can be used by intermediate paddlers in most racing conditions. Its construction and shape combined best fit this board for sprint or long-distance racing. Retailing at $1,699, the board is in the high-tier price point but comes with some of the best that the brand has to offer.

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