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The Unstoppable Jonas: An Inspirational Documentary

Jonas Letieri SUP surfing in California. Jonas Letieri SUP surfing in California.

SAN CLEMENTE, California - Earlier this year we introduced you to an incredible man from Brazil, Jonas Letieri. Jonas holds one of the most inspirational stories of overcoming obstacles and tragedies that are thrown at you in life and overcoming these obstacles against all odds. Jonas Letieri is an amazing Brazilian athlete who inspires all of those whom he meets.

Jonas Letieri lost both of his arms from the elbow down after being severely electrocuted while volunteering one day at his church. Because of this terrible accident Jonas thought he would never be able to surf again. That is, until he found SUP. Jonas quickly embraced stand up paddling and began overcoming obstacles that even he didn’t know were possible.

Jonas soon found a friend in Quickblades’ Jim Terrell and the two have been working together in building a paddle that suits Jonas’ needs. Along the way this documentary was made about Jonas and his inspirational story and it is a must watch. See the documentary in full below.

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