Billy Swezey

Billy Swezey

Billy Swezey fell in love with the water while growing up on the South Shore of Long Island, NY. He spent as much time as possible in the surf off Fire Island. He discovered how great paddling was when he borrowed a new lifeguard rescue SUP and caught a few mushy summer waves on the outer sandbar break. Since then he dedicated his life to learning to ride anything he could possibly get his hands on in the waves. The summer season is short in NY so after college Billy decided to restore a small ocean-going sailboat and head as far south as possible to chase the warm water and sunshine. He ended up in Jupiter, FL where he continued to live on his sailboat and surf the Northern swells. Soon after, he discovered paddle racing and what a great outlet it was to test his fitness and waterman capabilities. Billy is still living in S. Florida, now on a restored 34' Trawler with his girlfriend and dog, and continues to train for paddle racing all while holding a steady job as a kiteboard instructor.

Website URL: http://tulasendlesssummer.com
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