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Mo Freitas' Top 10 SUP Event Picks For 2015

mo freitas battle of bay 2015Mo Freitas leads the pack at the 2015 Battle of the Bay. | Photo Courtesy: OnitPro

SAN DIEGO, California - 2015 was a stand out year for the young Mo Freitas. Mo traveled across the globe and was a top performing athlete in practically every race in which he participated. To get the perspective from a top stand up paddle professional athlete on the best SUP events in the world we called up Mo and talked to him about his top SUP event picks for 2015 and his reasoning behind his picks.

Taking many factors into account such as location, athlete support, prize money, event format and more and factoring many things together, these are the Mo Freitas’ Top Ten SUP Events in 2015.

10. Battle of the Bay

  • ● Really cool venue in San Francisco
  • ● Extremely fun
  • ● Course is awesome having you paddle in SF Bay

Photo Courtesy: OnitPro

battle of the bay 2015

9. M2O

  • ● Historic race
  • ● Amazing downwinder
  • ● Tons of participants — many from all over the world
  • ● Tough race

Photo Courtesy: Molokai To Oahu / 808photo.me

moloka 2 oahu 2015

8. Stand Up World Series - Turtle Bay Finals

  • ● Location is sick, the spectators are all right there watching from the cliff and cheering you on.
  • ● Venue is good, allowing for the mixup with surf and keeping the technical race exciting.

Photo Courtesy: Waterman League

stand up world series finals 2015

7. SUP Fiesta

  • ● Every kid should be doing this event
  • ● Location is great
  • ● Athlete support for the groms is awesome
  • ● Put on by Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela who make it a really fun event to be at.

Photo: Shutter Pat

mo freitas sup fiesta 

6. Japan CUP

  • ● Great location
  • ● Diverse races with really different and unique formats
  • ● BIG surf caused for a bit of excitement

5. Lost Mills

  • ● Diverse course
  • ● Top athletes are there
  • ● Large international field of competitors
  • ● *Really want to enter this race in future

Photo Courtesy: Euro Tour Facebook Page

lost mills 2015 1

4. Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge

  • ● Format of races with 2 downwinders and take combo of the best run (one of the best downwinders and it’s in a river!)
  • ● Getting bigger every year
  • ● Location is different and very beautiful

Photo Courtesy: Big Winds

2014 gorge elite downwind start

3. Carolina Cup

  • ● Massive race and crowd
  • ● The “Graveyard” course is the main attraction and most grueling race ever. Everything you train for in a race (headwinds, currents, downwind, etc.) is in that one race.
2015 carolina cup aerial start

2. Payette River Games

  • ● Live coverage and television special on CBS made it unique.
  • ● The location is so beautiful
  • ● Event itself (really well put on)
  • ● Prize purse
  • ● Tons tons of spectators
  • ● *Really bummed it’s not happening in 2016
mo freitas payette river games 

1. Pacific Paddle Games

  • ● Live coverage - athletes had their own profile online and on the webcast.
  • ● Webcast was extremely professional and well-produced
  • ● Ideal location in Southern California at Doheny beach
  • ● Tons of spectators and athletes there
  • ● The waves were perfect for a race
  • ● The scaffolding was massive
  • ● Very cool to see where the sport was going
  • ● Courses were diverse - through the waves, etc.
  • ● Largest purse ever in SUP
  • ● Athlete support was awesome

Photo Courtesy: Jos Ramos

mo freitas pacific paddle games 

There are many other events that were amazing in 2015 like the Stand Up World Tour events, The Maui to Molokai, the ISA World SUP Championships and the Da Hui annual 4th of July race along with many others that have made Mo’s honorable mention list. When it comes down to writing only 10 events, and ranking them it is pretty difficult, but that's the fun. Try it for yourself and compare your list to Mo’s. We challenge you to make your own Top 10 SUP Events in 2015 list and share it with us.

How many of these races will you attend in 2016?

To find a SUP event in 2016 take a look at the Supconnect Events Calendar.

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