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Spring 2018 Gear Guide

SAN DIEGO, California - The sun is starting to shine, ice is melting and spring is starting to peek it’s head around the corner. With temperatures rising and waterways defrosting into lakes and rivers again, it’s time to start getting geared up and ready to get back on the water and out of the winter hibernation. Here, we’ve put together a list of SUP gear, accessories, and of course boards for everyone from a beginner to the advanced SUP'er for the 2018 Spring paddle boarding season, so there's sure to be something in this guide for everyone!

Take a look at the 2018 Spring Gear Guide below:



spring 2018 gear guide fusion stereoactive


The STEREOACTIVE is the world’s first portable floating watersports stereo, designed for the challenge of life on the water. The combination of world-class industrial design, high quality music reproduction, intelligent functionality and an extensive feature set has resulted in a rugged portable stereo that is prepared for anything. Sources include Bluetooth, radio tuner, USB and iPhone & Android audio playback and charging. Let STEREOACTIVE provide the soundtrack to your next SUP Adventure.

spring 2018 gear guide slingshot foil

Slingshot Hoverglide Surf/SUP Foil

The Hover Glide FSurf/SUP Foil is designed to deliver surfers an advanced wave riding experience. The aluminum design is affordable but more importantly, it increases stability and eliminates the “twitchy” behavior that full-carbon foils typically exhibit. With the FSurf/SUP Foil, you can ride rolling swell on the outside, catch whitewater on the inside, or when you’re ready, paddle into breaking waves like you would with a regular surf or SUP board.

spring 2018 gear guide mizu m8

Mizu M8 Stainless Steel Bottle

This lightweight single wall bottle is Mizu’s original design. It is our go-to piece for days that call for less weight and more adventure. Perfect for you land and water adventures this is the perfect companion to bring with you on your paddling adventures and they come in a ton of awesome colors!

spring 2018 gear guide litra

Litra Torch + Marine Filter Set

LitraTorch™ is the worlds most versatile adventure photo and video light. At 1.5"x1.5" in size, the Torch provides 800 lumen of continuous, high quality light. It’s waterproof up to 30 feet, incredibly durable and can illuminate your paddles at night! The light is compatible with almost all GoPro accessory mounts and fits perfectly into the GoPro Session cage. Paired with the Marine Filter Set you can light up your night paddles with color!


 Boards - Inflatables


spring 2018 gear guide surftech runabout

Surftech Runabout

The Runabout Air-Travel features a printed graphic deck that will make any boating enthusiast excited to get out and show this board off at the yacht club. This All-Around board is packed with features and details that will keep you looking for more. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Deck tie downs Padded carry handle Drop stitch material Backpack bag, pump, fin and repair kit.

spring 2018 gear guide boardworks shubu solr

Boardworks Shubu Solr

This board is great for all around water activities, while the shape allows for all paddling abilities. The convenient package comes with a paddle, rolling backpack and pump, which makes it easy to get on the water and store at the end of the day.

spring 2018 gear guide pau hana endurance inflatable

Pau Hana Endurance Air

The new Endurance Air is an inflatable version of the Endurance touring board and is the first inflatable ever to feature SeaMount®. Now, all existing SeaMount® accessories are compatible, plus the carrying bag doubles as gear hauler while you’re on the water. It can easily be hiked into remote locations and carry all the necessary equipment for camping overnight.

spring 2018 gear guide aqua marina beast

Aqua Marina Beast

Featuring STDS (SuperTough Dual Stringer) technology, BEAST is a versatile all-around board with extraordinary rigid yet lighter with superior stroke power, control and balance. It is an all-condition SUP that delivers ultimate fun.

spring 2018 gear guide body glove

Body Glove Navigator

Enjoy family fun on lakes, rivers and elsewhere aboard the Body Glove Navigator inflatable SUP, a highly stable and rigid board loaded with great features. The Navigator is great for both beginners and advanced paddlers, is equipped with unbreakable 'no-fuss' fins and is the only SUP that offers a patented multi-purpose handle to carry a water bottle and included three-piece adjustable paddle. This ultimate family paddling package comes with cell phone dry bag, pump, ankle leash and comfortable, durable backpack.



 Boards - Hard Tops


spring 2018 gear guide surftech lido

Surftech Lido

The Lido, constructed in UTILITY ARMOR, has a larger volume and full rails allowing paddlers to float with ease in flat-water and small chop. The EPS foam, high-quality fiberglass, epoxy resin, reinforced rails, and molded Utility Armor shell makes the Lido extremely durable SUP for rental facilities, beginners and families. The Lido also features a full DeckPad with cutouts, which reduces weight, deck tie downs, an integrated rental/ ledge handle for more comfortable carrying plus security, and a extra large security/leash plug providing two points to lock this board. If you’re looking for high quality, durable and stability, this is the best SUP for you.

spring 2018 gear guide bark aleka

Bark Aleka

The Aleka Tuflite V-Tech is the perfect Stand Up Paddlboard for any paddler that seeks versatility. Joe BARK shaped the Aleka to be stable enough for flat-water cruising, but it will also perform well in small to medium surf. The prAna collaboration adds an amazing aesthetic with patterns matching their 2018 Swim Line. Surftech’s Tuflite V-Tech molded construction consists of high quality bamboo veneer, EPS foam, fiberglass and Epoxy resin. The board has been verified Level One by Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project for its use of Bio Based Resin and BLOOM (20% algae biomass based) foam. This SUP is specifically designed for a paddler interested in sport and fitness.

spring 2018 gear guide boardworks raven

Boardworks Raven

Much like the Great Bear, it was designed as the ultimate touring and expedition board, for long distance paddling and open water conditions. The new shape and volume allows for more speed and a more comfortable paddling experience in most conditions, coupled with multiple secure points for the gear that you need for a successful expedition. The shorter board allows for a more manageable touring board.

sping 2018 gear guide boardworks solr

Boardworks Solr

This board is great for all around water activities, while the shape allows for all paddling abilities, it’s great on both the ocean and flat water. The convenient package makes it easy to get on the water and fun for the whole family.

spring 2018 gear guide sic bayonet

SIC Maui Bayonet

After years of shaping, testing, racing and creating world-class watercraft, Raaphorst took all of this cumulative knowledge into the shaping bay and what came out was the Bayonet 14.0 and Bayonet 17.1. A sleek, narrow and super-fast downwind board that worked amazing in sub-twenty knot conditions and increased top end speed in all conditions. This board does not have F.A.S.T. for 2018. As many downwind races in the 14.0 class are fixed-fin, we opted to leave F.A.S.T. off to make sure the board is as light as possible. This board features a higher bow volume, lowered deck standing area and balanced outline. The board has a balanced outline and wider tail to enhance rail-to-rail stability.

spring 2018 gear guide sic rs


Short for “Rocket Ship,” the RS Series is proving to be one of fastest all-water race boards in the world. In 2017 all the R&D culminated into final prototypes that would be put to the test in technical, long distance, sprint, and downwind races in order to validate that the RS is one of the fastest, most well rounded, all water race boards in the world. This board has been a top finisher against the world’s elite paddlers in races such as the Olukai, Association of Paddlesurf Professionals Tour - Ho’okipa Beach on Maui, the Carolina Cup and on The Euro Tour. The RS has proven to be race ready and will surely take you to the top of your game and the front of the pack.

spring 2018 gear guide naish maliko

Naish Maliko

Grown out of the success of its predecessor, the Maliko 14’0” Carbon continues to evolve to become even faster and more forgiving than ever before. For 2018, the rocker has been tuned to better engage bumps during downwind runs resulting in faster acceleration and higher top speed. Additionally, the bevel in the nose has been moved back towards the center of the board for a smooth-gliding shape that offers more volume, greater stability and the chop-eating efficiency needed for changing open-water conditions.

spring 2018 gear guide bote hd


It's all about the lifestyle ... and the HD embodies it. If you're looking for a "one board for everything," then the HD is for you. A perfectly capable fishing machine, the HD is equally at home just hanging out with family. A great combination of stability, speed and standard features make the HD the most versatile board we make.

spring 2018 gear guide starboard all star

Starboard All Star

From entry level to elite racers, the Starboard All Star 14’ x 24.5” is the world’s most successful, user-friendly and versatile race design. The 2018 shape features defined rocker lines, keeping the board 2-3 board lengths faster then the competition. Downwind performance is further improved thanks to added volume in the nose, and a flatter tail makes buoy turns faster then ever while the hull maintains ultimate control in breaking waves.

sping 2018 gear guide slingshot foil board

Slingshot Air Strike

The Air Strike combines the amazing efficiencies of foiling with the wide-range performance of stand up paddling for an experience that will completely redefine your level of fun in the waves. The Air Strike SUP foil surfer is the big brother to our Skywalker surf foil board. It features Slingshot’s signature EARLY TAKE-OFF tail, which catches more energy from the waves and whitewater to propel you to speed and on-foil faster.

Make sure to head to your local retailer to find all these items and more during this Spring season!

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