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The Wake Up Sup Show LIVE

Candice Appleby and Andre Niemeyer will be hosting live shows, Fridays at 12pm PST, with several sup stars and an open line and tweet feed for the global stand up paddle community to chime in on the conversation.


Chuck Patterson, Candice Appleby, and Andre Niemeyer in action stand up paddle boarding.


LIVE on Supconnect.com Fridays 12pm PST.



Wake Up Sup Show LIVE



Fridays 12pm PST, starting June 10, 2011



Join the show to become a part of history with the greatest athletes of stand up paddle boarding, where they talk about everything sup and are open to engage with paddlers from around the world.



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SAN DIEGO, California – The Wake Up Sup Show will be held Fridays at 12pm on Supconnect.com and anyone in the audience is welcome to call the show at 858.348.4495 or join the conversion via tweets with the #supconnectlive hashtag. The first episode airs June 10, 2011 and with Chuck Patterson as the special guest. Topics will range from training and nutrition to sponsorship and technique.

The inaugural show is historical on numerous fronts, concerning not only the caliber of the athletes but also the venue in which they reach the audience. As far as the athletes go, Chuck Patterson is one of the greatest names of the sport of stand up paddle boarding, having numerous titles under his belt, including the 1st place finish during the inaugural Battle of the Paddle California and the title of first ever Sup Man of the Year for the Supconnect Awards. As to Candice Appleby, she is arguably the highest female profile athlete in the sup world, with wins in both the BOP Hawaii and California, as well as being Chuck Patterson’s counterpart in the Supconnect Awards, as the first ever Sup Women of the Year. And when it comes to grass-roots involvement and generating media exposure for the sport, Andre Niemeyer has helped to take stand up paddle boarding to a whole new level. He is the president of Supconnect, the world’s #1 ranked sup site; producer of Sup TV, the world’s 1st Standup Paddle TV; and an avid stand up paddler in his own right.

The venue is entirely novel and revolutionizing for the sport. It places some of the world’s top personalities on a global stage, through a highly trafficked platform, and a highly interactive interface. The audience will be able to engage with the people on the show by calling directly and also via their twitter account. For any stand up paddle enthusiast, this provides an unique and priceless opportunity to reach their favorite sup athletes and ask a host of questions from some of the most knowledgeable personalities in the industry. Nearly all topics will be entertained and the audience will likely receive free swag from some of our sponsoring companies. Make sure to stay tuned and join Candice Appleby and Andre Niemeyer as they open up the lines and airwaves for the global sup community to come together thru the Wake Up Sup Show on Supconnect.com

About the Wake Up Sup Show

The Wake Up Sup Show showcases some of the best talents in the stand up paddle world, giving full access to the audience to engage with their favorite athletes, both via a direct line (858.348.4495) and tweet feeds (#supconnectlive). The show came about during one of Candice Appleby’s visits to the Supconnect office, when Andre Niemeyer suggested to produce a live TV show on the web. An impromptu episode was produced that day and despite of the lack of promotion, some in the audience joined in with a phone call. From that, the idea of The Wake Up Sup Show came to life.


What type of questions or topics would you like to see address during the Wake Up Sup Show?


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