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Slater Trout's Top 3 SUP Racing Events

SAN DIEGO California - Last week we invited Boardworks and FCS team rider, Slater Trout, over to our studio for a good grilling. In between buzzing him about his bright red socks and choice in music, we asked a few pointy questions about SUP racing and some of the more controversial aspects of the sport. Because ultimately, being a professional SUP athlete is about loving this sport more than anything. It's a growing industry that hasn't come close to reaching its potential yet. 

With this in mind, we wanted to know what his favorite three events were. Here they are, in his own words:


1. Battle of the Paddle


It's our Superbowl - the biggest event in our sport. I think everyone can agree on that. It's always the most anticipated event, especially for me. I really look forward to that. 


2. Tahoe Nalu/ Lake Of The Skies


Lake Tahoe is such a beautiful place and I've done that Tahoe Nalu and The Lake of the Skies event there and those are both run really, really well. It's been beautiful every year I've done it and I just love going to Tahoe.  


3. Florida/Hawaii Events 


I don't know what my third one would be. I love racing in Florida because I was born there and the first part of my life was in Flordia, and then moved on to Hawaii for the second part of my high school career. Anything in Florida. And then the OluKai is always really fun in Hawaii… So the events in Florida and Hawaii - those are going to be my third. 


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