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Red Paddle Co Releases New SUP Inflatable Pump

The Titan pump (A Red Paddle Co registered design) dramatically reduces the time taken and effort required to inflate your board. The pump mixes double chamber performance and a clever switching system and unique Hi-Flo handle system to achieve the new bench mark in inflatable board pump technology. The Titan is part of Red Paddle Co’s commitment to producing inflatable boards that offer an authentic paddling experience. Stiffer boards create a better ride. One of the major contributing factors to board rigidity is the pressure inside the board.

Red Paddle Co founder John Hibbard explains more:

“We’ve pumped up a lot boards since 2008 and we’ve come a long way since we started! The current crop of high pressure style pumps came from our close partnership with the leading pump manufacturer. They work ok for small, low volume boards but we wanted to upgrade and produce a pump that addressed the major issues of the inflation process – time taken and effort required.

“Using a Titan Pump can half the inflation time and, unlike the dual action style of pumps used by many brands, it drastically reduces the amount of effort required to reach the correct pressure. We prefer to spend our time paddling rather than pumping so for us the Titan is a game changer. We can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

“We always want to offer a hand pumping solution. While electric pumps can be used in some circumstances they are expensive and most can’t reach a high enough pressure to give the best paddling performance. You also need a power or recharge source. Not so with the Titan Pump. Take it anywhere!



Jonathan Parlby Red Paddle Co’s head of design goes on to say:

“We focused on the ergonomics of the pump design and through extensive field testing we have been able to create a more comfortable pumping position that keeps the airways of the user open, which in turn reduces fatigue. Our switching system allows the user to control the effort required and time taken to inflate their board.”

“Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and just like our boards the difference is in the detail. The Titan pump is super easy to use and is the next stage in our innovation program.”

The Red Paddle Co Titan pump offers turbo like performance with a maximum power output of 62mph! More than double the air speed of standard pumps.

Look out for pics and updates from the show via the Red Paddle Co social streams:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/redpaddle
Twitter – https://twitter.com/redpaddleco
Instagram – http://instagram.com/redpaddleco

The pump will go on general release later this season. Until then it will be available with select Red Paddle Co boards. More info to follow. 


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