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Paddle For Buttons At Cardiff Reef

Delaney Kuepper Delaney Kuepper

SAN DIEGO, California - the recent passing of Buttons Kaluhiokalani floored the international surf and SUP community. Since the news broke, stories and anecdotes from friends and relatives have been doing the rounds online, describing the charismatic, fun and distinctly Buttons-esque personality that made such a big impact on people. One of the posts that caught our attention came from a nine year old San Diegan paddler who felt compelled to help raise money for Buttons' family, who are now left with medical bills and memories. Here's what she said:

"Hello. My name is Delaney Kuepper. I am 9 years old and I love surfing. Yesterday, one of the icons of surf passed away (Buttons Kaluhiokalani). Although I never met Buttons, I want to help raise money for his family. To accomplish this, I am going to try and catch 54 waves (the years he lived) in a single surf session at my home break (Cardiff Reef, CA) on 11/16/13 - even if takes me all day to do it.

Please help me raise funds to support his family and honor his contribution to Surfing. You can Donate a flat dollar amount or Pledge a dollar amount per wave. With your help, I hope to raise $5,000. I hope this will be a blessing to his family so please do whatever you can to support them.

If you are surfing Cardiff that day, please say hello and we can catch a wave together.

To learn more about Buttons go to this link.

To make a donation visit this link at YouCaring.com



Venue: Cardiff reef
Date: Saturday, 11/16/2013

More Info: www.delaneykuepper.com

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