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What Is River Surfing?

Britany Parker is among the elite river surfing athletes. | Photo: Heather Jackson Britany Parker is among the elite river surfing athletes. | Photo: Heather Jackson

LITTLETON, Colorado - What is river surfing? If you find yourself asking this question then here we have the answer for you! River surfing expert Alex Mauer dives into this question and explains not only what river surfing is but how it differs from surfing in the ocean and more! Check it out:

What is river surfing?

River Surfing is one of the most unique forms of surfing you will ever experience. The speed of the water exploding underneath your board mixed with the thundering sound of the rapid around you is exhilarating. One of the biggest differences between river surfing and ocean surfing is that the river wave is stationary, meaning that the wave stays in one place and is continuously breaking with the flow of the river. There is something magical about being able to experience the art of surfing so far from the coast.

How are river waves formed?!

River waves are formed from a sudden increase in the river depth. The drop in river depth causes the water to recirculate. This recirculation is what creates waves that can be surfed. For example when a high volume of water is channelized to flow over a shallow slab or rock the sudden increase of water depth behind the restriction causes the wave to form. This is known as a hydraulic jump. To learn more about how river waves are formed, click here

alex mauer what is river surfing 1 alex mauer what is river surfing

Alex Mauer can always be found on one of Colorado's river waves. | Photos Courtesy: Alex Mauer

River surfing disclaimer!

Just like ocean surfing, river surfing can be very dangerous. Please do not enter the river without the proper safety equipment and understanding of the river. Look for my follow up article how to get started river surfing before you attempt own your own. In the meantime, you can check out our tips on proper surfing etiquitte HERE.

To see more river paddle boarding tips, click HERE.

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Alex Mauer

Alex Mauer is a long-time Colorado resident who since the age of 12 has been riding the local river waves. More recently, he has enjoyed the wonders of stand up paddling and has become one of its most passionate advocates and representatives. Mauer is one of Supconnect's most active contributors and an avid representative of the sport in his area. He can be reached and befriended via his profile page on Supconnect.

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