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World’s First Self-Inflating Electric Standup Paddleboard

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia - Standup paddleboarding is already a popular and fast-growing water sport. Now an innovative paddleboard design and 3 patented solutions from Slovenia are set to take that to the next level.

SipaBoards come equipped with an electric battery that powers both the self-inflation pump and the safely hidden jet engine. Just as a bit of speed straightens out the first shaky pedals on a bicycle, the extra push of the motor helps keep balance and direction. This makes it perfect for children and beginners. SipaBoards also make it safer to go out on longer trips, as controls built into the paddle itself give you a boost of up to 3 hours with just a simple click. SipaBoards will have your whole family and friends paddling further together!

SipaBoard’s leading mastermind Sebastjan Sitar wants to make standup paddling “fun and accessible for everyone”. To make this dream come true and launch serial production, SipaBoards hopes to crowdsource 200,000 USD on Kickstarter. “We have set our goal so we can assure a lower price and faster production dates. Our innovative design makes our SUP perfect for anyone, so the price should be accessible too.”

sipaboards kickstarter 1 sipaboards kickstarter

Those who have already tested SipaBoards agree “it is a brilliant innovation and the future of this sport”. We are certain it is changing the sport of standup paddling for the better!

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Tilen Travnik at +38641822832. You can also send him an email at [email protected] We’ve set up a rich photo and video library and will be able to arrange test drives on waters in and around Ljubljana and perhaps near you. To help support SIPA Boards, check out their Kickstarter Campaign here.


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