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Supconnect Live With SUP Think Tank's Matt Friedman

SAN DIEGO, California - We were privileged to host SUP Think Tank's co-founder, Matt Friedman, at yesterday's #Supconnect Live interview. For anyone not familiar with the brand, SUP Think Tank is a comprised of a group of paddlers who've pooled their ideas, talents and skills to make simple SUP products that revolutionize our experience with the sport. The multi-purpose LiftSUP was their first breakthrough some years ago, which has been gracefully followed up by the new ConnexSUP - an elegant plug fitting that turns your board into a gym, a fishing boat, a photo studio, a lounger - whatever you imagine it to be. 

Matt talked us through some of the finer points of these new products and also gave us some background info on the beginnings of SUP Think Tank. For anyone interested in paddling, the lifestyle and hearing from one of the sport's awesome innovators, we highly recommend tuning in.


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