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ConnexSUP - The Gateway To Endless SUP Crossovers

CARLSBAD, California - As the sport of stand up paddle boarding continues to grow and evolve, paddlers are looking for more efficient ways of integrating their SUP addiction with other passions. That's how SUP fishing, SUP yoga and other SUP-Sandwiches were born - out of pure love for the sport and lifestyle. It's also where the good folks at SUP Think Tank have drawn inspiration for their invention, the Connex SUP - a simple device that connects you with all your accessories: cameras, straps, coolers, GPS, fish finders, iPod's, iPad's, PFD's. Whatever you need, this simple solution has reinvented the way we connect to our sport. Liek all SUP Think Tank products, this is also designed and manufactured in the Good Ole USA, and either patented or patent-pending. 


What Is The ConnexSUP?


The ConnexSUP does exactly what the name implies - it connects paddlers and paddle boarding with the outside world. Inspired by the need for a simple solution to mounting an overwhelming number of new accessories being introduced into the marketplace, The Pit Crew wanted to create a universal mount that would function as an interface between the deck of an SUP and the growing range of accessories intertwined with stand up paddle boarding. Like all the SUP Think Tank products, this is made exclusively for the SUP Market.


What Does It Do?

The ConnexSUP operates as a gateway for devices on your stand up paddle board. It's a minimalist plug system sits flat on the deck of the board and accommodates a wide range of inserts. For example:

  1. A standard Tie-down that fits a leash plug
  2. A Go Pro mount
  3. a 1/4 - twenty threaded insert




The beauty of this portal is that it allows you to do attach a multitude of accessories onto your board in a way that can be personalized and set up in a way that works and feels natural. This includes fitness bands, yoga products, flashlights, fishing rod holders, camera mounts, phone holders, GPS, coolers. You name it. The next time you visit a hardware store or a outdoor retailer, you've basically got a way to integrate just about any product into stand up paddle boarding.




A really good union between SUP Think Tank's ConnexSUP and the outside world is the range of produce offered by Ram Mount(http://www.rammount.com/). Almost all of their products (nearly 5,000 and counting) are mounted on one of two sized balls - a 1 inch diameter ball or a 1 1/2 inch diameter ball. All of those balls crew directly into the ConnexSUP with the 1/4 2o Inch threaded Insert.


This opens up your SUP to an endless range of products that you'd like to integrate into paddle boarding. As far as the product's limits go, there's no boundaries here. You can get connected to anything.


Non Intrusive

Like the LiftSUP, the ConnexSUP sits flush on the deck of your board when it's not in use. You're not going to trip over it or even feel it when it's not in use.


Durable, Reliable, Tested

The ConnexSUP is made of ballistic strength reinforced injection molded polycarbonate.

How Can I Get One?

The ConnexSUP interchangeable plug system can be installed easily either during production or can be retrofitted at any time.


For information on this and other SUP Think Tank products email: [email protected]


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