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Holiday SUP Gift and Gear Guide 2021

SAN DIEGO, California - 2022 is almost here! With the gift-giving holidays in full swing, it's time to think about getting something awesome for the SUP'er in your life so here at Supconnect, we've put together a gift/gear guide of the newest and coolest items to have recently hit the shelves and racks on the SUP market. If you're looking for something to get for your lover, mother, brother, sister, friend, or anyone for that matter this holiday season, this guide will be perfect for the stand up paddler in your life. And who's to say you can't get a little something for yourself, 'Tis the season after all! Treat yourself to something you've always wanted! We've put together a list of SUP gear, SUP accessories, SUP boards and all the must have's for everyone from a beginner to the advanced SUP'er, so there's sure to be something in this guide for everyone!

Take a look at the 2021 Holiday SUP Gear Guide below:



winter20 gg ss winderfin
Slingshot SUPWindr

Convert your standard SUP board into a wingsurfing board. The sUP WINDer installs in minutes. This stick on keel fin is perfect for teaching first time wingsurfers. With the sUP WINDer installed, a wing in your hands, and a little technique, you can stay upwind and return home to the same place you launched from. Jump into the sport of wingsurfing now, using the SUP board you already own! Learn more.

winter20 gg ss winderfin
LifeProof FRĒ Case For Magsafe For Iphone 13 Pro

Experience more. Consume less. FRĒ, the WaterProof iPhone 13 Pro case, is sealed to go everywhere and built using 60% recycled plastic. Always slim with a modern silhouette, FRĒ is right at home in the office, the ocean and the gallery opening. And when you get one, you can give $1 — on us — to one of our water-minded nonprofits. Learn more.

winter21 gg kleenkanteen
Kleen Kanteen Pack Your Lunch Kit

The Pack Your Lunch Kit is a stainless steel bundle set made for work, school or anywhere on-the-go. Featuring our leakproof, plastic-free 20oz Food Box with press and lock tab, plus a 16oz Insulated Food Canister to keep food hot for 7 hours and cold for 24 hours. Pack your sandwich, favorite meal, leftovers, snacks, soup or any lunch. We're also including a 20oz Insulated Classic water bottle to keep your hydrated. These reusables are good-to-go with you anywhere! Learn more.

winter20 gg ss winderfin

The world's first active shark deterrent band. Designed for beachgoers, ocean athletes, and marine professionals, Sharkbanz use patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to deter predatory shark species. Wear the band on your ankle or wrist and feel safer in the open ocean. Learn more.

winter21 gg kleenkanteen
NSP Airwing

The NSP Airwing is a very accessible, lightweight wing, making it ideal for those wanting to increase their time and skills on the water. The geometry of the NSP Airwing delivers smooth power, stability, and flowing handling. It invites you to experience new watersport sensations. The NSP Airwing is available in 2 colorways and 4 sizes 3M, 4M, 5M and 6M. Learn more.

winter21 gg kleenkanteen
NSP Hydrofoil Airwave 1325 SET

Designed for SUP and Surf foiling, The Airwave 1325 set mixes high-performance pre-preg carbon with precision milled anodized aluminum. The wings, mast and fuselage design are a perfect combination of stability, durability, price and performance. The 1325 front wing with the 330 rear wing leverages turning & glide while providing lift and stability. Perfect in small to medium-sized waves, the Airwave suits light to medium-weight riders up to about 180 lbs. Learn more.


 Boards - Inflatables


winter20 gg ss winderfin
SIC Maui Tao Air 10.6

The TAO Air is explicitly designed for the paddler who wants a board to take out with the family, surf small to mid-sized waves, take a SUP yoga class, or cruise the shoreline. Made from the finest Drop Stitch Construction (DSC) and lightweight, durable Support Stringer Technology (SST), these boards are light, stiff, and reliable. They come in a complete package with a 3-piece adjustable paddle, ready to go. Learn more.

winter20 gg ss winderfin
POP Board Co. 10”6 Royal Hawaiian

The inflatable board that took the 2021 Design Gear of The Year Award. A fully accessories kit and perfectly priced board. This Vibrant design and responsive shape will deliver everything you wanted in your dream board. The board kit is now in shops, find your local retailer at POPBOARDCO.COM.

winter21 gg ph
Pau Hana 10’10” Solo SUP™

The Solo SUP™ - Backcountry, is the first hikeable paddleboard, specifically designed for backcountry adventures. It is the lovechild of dirtbag hippies who surf, paddleboard, and kayak, created specifically for digital nomads that want to explore remote waterways accessible only by long hikes or portages. Learn more.

winter20 gg ss winderfin
TAHE Beach Wing 11.0

The 11’ Beach Wing AIR complete package is the perfect board for flat-water cruising with family and friends as well as going on long distance touring-style adventures. The 11’ Wing Air works great for novice riders up to 220lbs/100kg. This complete package includes a rigid inflatable board, adjustable paddle, safety ankle leash, backpack, high-pressure pump, and repair kit. Learn more.

winter20 gg ss winderfin
Body Glove Tandem

The Body Glove Tandem inflatable SUPYAK package is incredibly versatile, convenient and durable. The 15 ft board is ready for anything and is perfect for paddlers of all skill levels. Choose between 4+ paddling configurations – two kayak paddlers, two SUP paddlers, one kayaker and one SUPer or one gondolier and one satisfied sun bather. Learn more.

See our review of the Tandem HERE.

winter20 gg ss winderfin
Bay Sports 9'6" CRUISE

Meet our 9'6" Cruise. Perfect for those lighter riders who want a versatile board, which paddles well on flat water but can be taken out in the surf. It's an ideal board for the smaller framed, and suited best for those under 80kgs. This is one fun, compact and fun SUP board that'll pack up nice and small! Learn more.

winter20 gg ss winderfin
Aztron Meteor 14'0'' Race SUP

The METEOR 14'0'' Race SUP is made for competitive racers looking to unlock their full racing potential. The 2022 new design unveils a redesigned performance-oriented shape with extra narrow board width, straight outline and square pin-tail. This optimal length to width proportion and Carbon Fiber Inlay Tech ensures lighter weight, maximum speed and gliding efficiency. Add to that the combination of Ultra-Light Drop Stitch Core and signature Double Chamber makes the ambition for peak performance in the METEOR Race SUP collection a reality. Learn more.

winter20 gg ss winderfin
Starboard Wall

A perfect board for winter; stable, fast and keep your feet dry. This inflatable paddle board follows the concept of our composite race boards, where the standing area is recessed and therefore closer to the water surface. By standing closer to the water level, this iSUP feels more stable, especially in windy conditions thereby allowing you to save energy and be comfortable on a narrower & faster inflatable board. Learn more.


 Boards - Hard Tops


winter20 gg ss winderfin
Surftech prAna - Catalyst

The CATALYST / Tuflite V-Tech is the perfect board for the whole family. Joe BARK shaped the Catalyst for flat-water cruising plus it still performs in small to medium surf. The prAna collaboration utilizes a print from the 2020 swim collection that looks great and is appealing to everyone that gets on it. Utilizing quality fiberglass, EPS, Greenpoxy resin (plant based epoxy system), and Surftech molding methods we achieved a very durable and lightweight board. The Catalyst is included with 4 deck tie downs, ledge handle, rear padded handle, and 3/4 deckpad. Learn more.

See our review of the Catalyst HERE.

winter20 gg ss winderfin
Starboard Touring

The Starboard Touring paddle board is suited for all skill levels that want the fastest glide to paddle distances quickly with comfortable stability and the option to carry gear along the journey. Exceptional glide from a hull based on the world champion All Star design. The added rail volume provides a unique balance and floatation to carry gear and supplies. The board pops up nicely on downwind runs, providing great glide. Learn more.

winter20 gg ss winderfin
Aztron Falcon Carbon X 5'10" Wing Foil Board

Fly above and beyond! The 2022 new FALCON CARBON X 5'10" is a fully optimized wing foil board for peak performance. With its compact size and the exceptional lightweight carbon and bamboo veneer construction, the FALCON X is extremely lightweight but rigid, giving it greater control for advanced maneuveres. The extra-wide deck offers a maximum surface area with plenty of volumes, making it easy to get started while avoiding nose-diving. The double concaves also boost the performance with great stability and soft touch downs. Learn more.

winter20 gg ss winderfin
NSP DC SUP Foil X 76" x 29 Flax FTU

DC Foil X Flax is an eco-friendly board featuring Flax fibers for the rails resulting in a board with the durability and performance. Designed by legendary shaper Dale Chapman. Paired to the NSP Airwave Foil or conventional fins this hybrid works well on and over the surface. It’s time to fly. Learn more.

Make sure to head to your local retailer to find all these items and more during this Winter season!

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